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How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse this tradition, to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil?

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Shrek. In traditional fairy tales, ogres are-man eating beasts, the prince usually tries to rescue the princess, and they marry and live happily ever after. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse this tradition, to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil? Lord farquaad and Shrek use the correlation between them to distort the traditional fairy tale. Shrek barges in just before the happily ever after and changes the story for the better? To explain how filmmakers use presentational devices to change the traditional fairy tale to something more exciting and adventurous, I am going to analyze the characters of Shrek and lord farquaad. A traditional fairy tale that contains an ogre or something synonymous is often portrayed as an unpleasant being. For example in Jack and the bean stalk the giant is hunting down the being for which he can smell the blood of, he shouts fee fi foe fum .He is also made large and heavy footed therefore he is seen to be the "bady" In the opening of the film you soon discover that the opening is not alike any other fairy tale around at this present time .It starts by Shrek reading a fairy tale out of a book, you do not seen any part of his body other than the big green hand that turns the pages. ...read more.


All the followers soon drop they're pitchforks leaving one man on his own who soon realizes and follows suit. Shrek offers to settle the argument of the swamp over a pint but the soldiers enclose on him even more he obviously doesn't like to be angry and fight but people force him to as he is seen to be scary in society. The story continues with Shrek having to go and rescues princess Fiona from the tower. Shrek being an ogre greets princess Fiona very well. By shaking her, to wake her up might I add. She is immensely upset as she has been planning the perfect rescue for all the time she's been in the tower. Although Shrek appears violent it is apparent to us that he did not manage to slay the dragon as he rescues Princess Fiona when she asks him why he did not he replies its on my to-do list ok! Shrek previously mentions that "ogre are like onions they have layers" I think from this he possibly meant that ogre aren't really the violent type infact the opposite but they are put in the position where they have to defend them selves this may possibly be why Shrek tried to avoid slaying the dragon. Another one of his layers is that he thinks people will judge him so he isn't a very social able character this becomes apparent at the beginning of the film when Shrek is greeted by the story ...read more.


When Shrek first enters the arena with donkey there is loud organ music to suggest that something big is going to happen. When Shrek overhears the conversation between donkey and P.fiona, he miss interoperates the conversation at this instance the music is sow because all his feelings that he thought he had for princess Fiona have been snatched away, the song in the background is about broken dreams and promises because that's how Shrek feels After analyzing the characters of Shrek and lord farquaad I have come to the conclusion that although Shrek seems like a traditional ogre Shrek is totally different to a traditional ogre as he as lovely friends he rescues the princess then finds love through that quest and gets married to top it off. Although lord farquaad looks like a lord, his actions suggest that he is evil. He torture the poor little ginger bread man, takes over shreks swamp and then rejects P.Fiona when he find out what she really is at night then still tries to claim himself king when he's not! The story SHREK uses presentational devices to reverse our expectations so that by the end of the film we realize that the "bady" is the" goody" and that the goody" is the "bady!" Perhaps the message of the story is that you can't judge a book by its cover! ...read more.

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