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"Avatar" movie review. Plot outline and criticisms.

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Bonus Assignment: Avatar The film "Avatar" is about an American corporation that is mining rare mineral called unobtainium that can only be found in Pandora. Jake Sully, a handicapped ex-Marine, has to operate an avatar and act as a bodyguard because his twin brother who was trained to operate an avatar was killed. Soon after, Jake was told to persuade the Native inhabitants of Pandora, the Na'vi, to move out of the way so that the corporation could mine the huge unobtainium deposit located under their home. After many experience living as a Na'vi, Jake managed to become one of their people. The corporation moved in to destroy the Na'vi's home because Jake took too long. ...read more.


The operation's leader, Selfridge, also learns that what he's doing is wrong. The Vatican commentators gave "Avatar" negative comments, saying that the film "gets dragged down by a spiritualism linked to the worship of nature." In this case, the Na'vi worship a goddess named Eewa. They are very religious beings that live in a gigantic tree. (L'Osservatore Romano). I don't think the film was in any way offensive towards religion. The Na'vi were representatives of the Natives in our time, who were also very in touch with nature. The conservatives in the US claim that the movie is anti-American and anti-capitalist in its portrayal of humans as greedy creatures. I disagree with the conservatives. Greed is one of the true natures of humans. ...read more.


When the Hometree was being bombarded, none of the ships backed out or even thought about disobeying except the girl. This shows how ruthless and greedy these men are. I would have made it so that more than just the girl back off from the attack just to show how sympathetic they are. All those people who wish Pandora is real are total losers. It's a science-fiction movie for goodness sakes. How can you criticize a movie by saying the alien planet doesn't exist. Some person even said he wanted to live like a Na'vi. I definitely disagree with their criticism towards "Avatar". I can't believe people would actually become depressed because Pandora doesn't exist. That's just plain stupid. All those people who wish Pandora need to go experience the world more. Besides, even if Pandora was real, I'm sure they'd end up going there and getting killed. ...read more.

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