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BBC essay

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BBC Essay The BBC is a public service. The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) gets most of its funding from the licence fee which every house hold that owns a TV in Britain has to pay; the conditions that the BBC have to follow are that it has to do at least one of these entertain, educate and/or inform these are laid down by the government. If the BBC doesn't follow these it will not be allowed to broadcast and use the TV licence to fend its self. The BBC has gone from having a still indent of the UK (1962). To a mixed race in wheel chairs playing basket ball. Showing that anyone can do something and also that London is a multi cultural city. ...read more.


A white paper is a government policy proposal. In March 2006 Culture Secretary Tessa Jowel published a white paper on the further of the licence fee and the functions, roles and structure of the BBC. The white paper confirmed that the licence fee will remain until 2016. In 2016 the BBC will have to find some other way to not move into dept. That is if the BBC is still running/broadcasting. The BBC have other ways on getting money but not by advertising like all other broadcasters. The BBC have footage from all over the world and even if it makes something look bad they will broadcast it anyway this allows them to be unbiest when broadcasting the news. ...read more.


The BBC's reach is significantly more than CNN's estimated 200 million. Older domestic UK audiences often refer to the BBC as "the Beeb", a nickname originally dubbed by Peter Sellers in The Goon Show in the 1950s, when he referred to the "Beeb Beeb Ceeb". It was then borrowed, shortened and popularised by Kenny Everett. Another nickname, now less commonly used, is "Auntie", said to originate from the old-fashioned "Auntie knows best" attitude, (but possibly a sly reference to the 'aunties' and 'uncles' who were presenters of children's programmes in early days) in the days when John Reith, the BBC's founder, was in charge. The two nicknames have also been used together as "Auntie Beeb", and Auntie has been used in outtakes programmes such as Auntie's Bloomers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nathan Damerell 11E ...read more.

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