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"Black Rhino.": produce a single promotional advert which advertises a brand new energy drink.

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Report To create my product titled "Black Rhino." I did research in the field of energy drinks. I have produced a single promotional advert, which advertises a brand new energy drink. I initially started my ideas by analysing existing products such as "Red Devil" and "Red Bull." I deconstructed both these adverts and studied them in depth. I found that the majority of energy drinks (apart from Lucozade and PowerAde.) were targeted at a younger audience and didn't use sport as a selling point in any way. Red Devil and Red Bull are used for mixing alcohol and they have done this very successfully although they set out to use the product just for drinking once "out on the town." To give you an extra boost of energy and keep you alert for just that little bit longer. ...read more.


I decided to follow in the footsteps of companies like "Red Devil" and target a young audience. Most of the people I used in these questionnaires were at the age range of 18 - 25. The main questions that I used where mainly all about how the audience would like the poster to look. This was because it would help me greatly as I would try to model my poster on what information they gave me. To a certain extent my results showed that most people would buy my drink in a club/bar and would like the product to be black and would be willing to pay up to �1. Most females would like it in a club but males said they would use it for playing sports with as well as drinking it for leisure. ...read more.


I feel the fist represents power, energy and hope that others will see it as this as well. I used the name and company logo as "Black Rhino" as lots of other main energy drinks use colour codes such as "Red Bull, Red Devil, Green Lizard" etc. Some also use animals and the animals are linked to the product e.g. "Black Rhino" will make you strong like a rhino. Overall I believe the effect this poster had on my audience is the desired one. 70% out of all the people I asked said that if they saw this advert they would buy it. 20% said that didn't know but would like to try it out at some point. 10% said that they weren't interested in energy drinks. I think that my product would do very well if it were to be put out on the market now. ...read more.

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