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Both male and female car adverts are shown at particular times in the day.

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Media essay There are millions of people in the world, all of whom are potential car buyers in the car companies eyes, resulting in highly competitive advertising. These companies need to appeal to all groups of people, so for certain people, they will advertise a certain car. For another car they have created, they will appeal to another target audience. The most common target audiences are students, business men, women, families, elderly and environmentalists. All of these people are going to buy cars so they need cars which are going to appeal to them. Both male and female car adverts are shown at particular times in the day. For example. There are many male car adverts before and after football matches. This is because the car advertisers feel that there will be many men watching that football match. Women on the other hand are more likely to be watching a programme such as Desperate Housewives. The car advertisers are then more likely to put their car advertised to women between that programme. Advertising companies pay vast amounts of money to gain a particular slot on television. This is due to the fact that at a certain time in the day you are going to earn a substantial increase in sales revenue than if it were placed at a different time. Having analysed many TV adverts, for both men and women there are a few general trends which are obvious. ...read more.


This was due to men wanting the best and if the car companies don't sell themselves short there's a good chance a certain man will be interested. An advert for a 4 by 4 is different as it is targeting a different type of man. This man will be less self-conscious, more of a family man and maybe a bit more scruffy. If you bought this car you would maybe be expecting to take it off-road for a ride. An example of this is the Land Rover advert where the man is seen driving around in uninhabited swamp land really enjoying himself. The man who wants to by this car is probably going to use it off-road. The car is seen to be very durable and resilient making perfect for endurance and off-road drives. This advert definitely appeals to a different type of man than the Renault Laguna advert. Already you can start to see the range of adverts car companies present to appeal to men. With differences come similarities between these ranges of adverts. In most car advertisements the mise-en-scene is beautiful or dramatic as they don't want the potential buyers to feel worse than they could without the superb scenery behind. If the buyer bought the car they would want to drive it in the scenery found in the advert itself. The lighting would be bright too again, make the targeted audience feel better and perk up. ...read more.


The way women are generally appealed to is being sexy, attractive and stylish. Women like to be all of these so the car advertisers portray them as being as them. I believe that women want to look great more than men do. In some cases men want to look as good as they can but I think that men concentrate on the quality of the car a little more. Men tend to want the best as well as looking great whereas the women just want to be seen as sexy. In answering this question "Do car companies, in their adverts, appeal to men or women better?", I believe that it is men. This is due to a number of reasons, the main one being that men are generally more interested in cars and buying them. They will then target more of there advertising towards this audience. Because of this there seems to be a wider range of advertising for men which appeals to more men. Another reason is that men may still be seen to be making more money than the women so car advertisers are going to spend more money on advertising for them. One thing is for certain though, car companies need to advertise to sell their cars and employ huge numbers of people and spend millions of pounds to achieve this. Any car company employing an advertising agency will utilise the powers of sex, success and well-being. How they advertise this is purely dependant on the media they use but without this they will sell very little. ...read more.

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