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Branding and Culture Jamming

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Branding and Culture Jamming We are surrounded every day by big brands, corporations and media on all sides. In fact, it would be hard to avoid being told that you need the latest pair of diesel jeans, ipod nano or Gucci perfume. Of course, we need the jeans or we won't look good, the ipod to be cool, and the perfume to be classy, don't we? This is what the adverts tell us and is why promoting your brand of product is so important. They need to show us, the consumer, something that we aspire to be, to have or to be associated with. This is what branding is, making your product different from the rest of them, giving it an identity. This is very important from the company's point of view. I mean, we buy things to make ourselves feel good and to present an image or a 'brand' of ourselves to the world. If we see an advert showing someone who seems confident and attractive, then we are told that to achieve this image they buy a particular type of clothing of course subconsciously we will want to be associated with that. ...read more.


I think this is in a way to appear that she doesn't try too hard but is just naturally sophisticated, and also to give her a more modern look. This has succeeded in appearing like a gateway in to a fabulous world and the advert would appeal to a lot of women as who doesn't want to be beautiful and glamorous? This is all well and good, but underneath the glamorous exterior of the designer brands are the people who do the real work: third world workers who often work 12 hour days and are typically paid pitiful wages. In our class survey, an astonishing percentage of our own branded items were made in the third world, especially China where human rights are notoriously poor. The Pacific island of Saipan produces clothes for Gap, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Finger, that are sold under a 'Made in America' label. Tommy Finger shirts that retail in the UK for �40 have a factory gate price of �3. Young girls from the Chinese mainland are tricked into working on Saipan. ...read more.


It features Nike colours like orange, white and black with the Nike logo and 'swoosh'. Also, the words 'its so cool to wear Nike' are most prominent on the page. But when you read the rest of the text you see it's the story of a typical third world worker, and encourages you to think about where your products come from before you think about the cool factor. This one shows the petrol company esso with the two 's's turned in to dollar signs, showing effectively how the big corporations are obsessed with the almighty dollar, probably more so than human rights or the environment. Then we had a go at creating our own culture jams. Mine showed George Bush and Tony Blair's heads replacing the well-known poster for the film Pretty Woman. I then replaced the title of the film with 'The Oil Men' as the Iraq war is partly just an excuse for the richest nations of the world to get richer and more powerful, at huge expense to others. I think it was fairly successful as it is a strange image that makes you want to look at it again and also has comedy value. ...read more.

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