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british advertising

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Within Britain how has television advertising changed within the last fifty years? The definition of advertising as given by Dictionary.com is "to announce or praise (a product, service, etc.) in some public medium of communication in order to induce people to buy or use it: to advertise a new brand of toothpaste," in this case I shall be attempting to answer the question posed from a Marxist point of view, referring majoritivly to the BBC, which had its first inception of a televised advert in 1955 to critical acclaim. There are two main analytical approaches teleological versus contextual, the former revolves around the concept of to understanding the earlier history of something in terms of what it has since become. In other words, it is to read the end into the beginning, to read the past in terms of the present. Everything that happened in the past is seen in terms of how it led to what we have in the present - or, how it is different from what we have in the present. ...read more.


Who eventually had to succumb to the realisation that advertisements where the way forward The first adverts started in 1955 which was by Gibbs SR toothpaste it featured a tube of toothpaste. The advert had a jerky style and was uncertain, this was because the generic conventions of UK advertisements had yet to be established, and thus this was breaking new ground. These early advert where also black and white and were by today's standard much longer in comparison. Although this has been majoritivly put down to British TV attempting to make adverts more distinguishable from their American counterparts. Its important to note here that featured within these adverts were the middle class white actors with middle class values and accents. (This plays into the whole concept of Marxism) "These early adverts if u appreciate from a Marxist p.o.v then" The presenter commercial was a standard format arrived at very quickly. ...read more.


Persuading viewers to share with the lifestyles and success of characters on screen. Then the 1980's brought about new outlets for media consumption in the form of Channel 4 and breakfast television. Both of which had profound influences on consumers advert consumption. Another great change happened when advocates for the dissolution of the BBC's licensing fee, appealed to have it disbanded and instead replace it with advertising. Whose strongest advocate was the Adam Smith institute which said "there can be little future for a channel which discriminates against he viewer and instead chooses to listen to the bureaucrat," Though in the current day and age, advertising has reached a new level of intensity, although not quite on America's level of five commercial breaks. Nearly all programmes feature at least one commercial break. Much to the annoyance of music video and film watchers all over. Conclusion I have concluded that due to the current new forms of media, advertising will continue to make profound changes and this will influence consumerism in the years to come. ...read more.

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