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British media in 2008

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On average every household in Britain owns at least one colour TV. Today you can get 5 normal channels, 99 freeview 999 for a yearly fee of �139.50 for a colour TV license. But for an extra fee u can get SKY, virgin media and others where you can get endless channels including films the discovery channels and kids. As well as channels you can also get different types of TVs like LCD, plasma and widescreen. ...read more.


Hollywood dominates the film industry but other places are coming through though such as Bollywood. Radio is mostly listened in cars. There are hundreds of different radio stations local and national. The local one for Somerset is Orchard FM this station usually plays the top 40 of the week and has regular phone in competitions and chats, news weather and traffic .BBC dominate radio with lots of different stations. ...read more.


Most of these have 300-500 pages. Computer games have boomed and are now massive you can get a wide range of consoles and there are lots of games available there are high street shops dedicated to the computer game fans. People play these games for entertainment, some you like the Xbox 360 you can play against other people on the other side of the world! You can have multiplayer games or games just against the computer. You can actually get involved in these games with camera, interactive remotes and steering wheels. There is a game to suit every age and every gender. ...read more.

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