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Britney Spears' latest creation to hit the stores is different to what is usually expected of her. Instead of a new CD to entertain us, she has concocted her own new fragrance called "Curious". Having never brought a product of this kind out before...

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Curious - do you dare? Britney Spears' latest creation to hit the stores is different to what is usually expected of her. Instead of a new CD to entertain us, she has concocted her own new fragrance called "Curious". Having never brought a product of this kind out before she had to ensure that her fans and the people she wanted to sell it to would want to buy it. And to do so she created her own advertising campaign, part of this being an advert in which she, herself, stars. The advert itself is obviously very well thought out, the style and the way the product is introduced suggests that it is aimed at the socio-economic groups B, C? and C?. The advert itself is only thirty seconds long; because of the short amount of time they have used a lot of editing to include all the needed shots to build up the story, even if they were only shown for a second. The pace rapidly increases to create suspense before finally fading out to the product. The drama and way it is filmed is attractive to the S.E.G audience as it is similar to the films they like to go watch in the cinema. Being set in a hotel, from the size of the rooms and the style of furniture with in them, it gives off the impression that only the people in higher socio-economic groups will be able to afford it. ...read more.


Another technique they have used in their attempt to try and advertise the product is the use of a celebrity in the advert itself. Aside the fact that it is actually Britney's product and she is trying to sell it, the fact that she is a well known celebrity and people respond well to her face, attracts more audiences. Her fans may not be the kind of people that would go out and buy any sort of fragrance, but because it is her own creation and it comes from her, they'll want to go out and get it. Another good reason for using a well known face is that it saves the advertiser both time and money. Advertisements featuring celebrities are always more memorable then those with ordinary people and because of this fact the advert doesn't have to be shown as often. Word will simply spread by mouth or through fan sites quickly, basically giving the fragrance free advertising. The advert has a linear narrative and uses iconography through out, with the use of various images to suggest meanings for what's going on. At the beginning of the ad, for the first second or so everything seems normal as you see Britney walk towards her room, but then suddenly everything goes in to slow motion and the sound changes from diagetic to non diagetic as you suddenly hear a heart beat. ...read more.


With the background music intensifying and the speed of the distant heartbeat starting to race, it pumps up the atmosphere for the audience, building their curiosity as to what the whole advert is trying to sell and what would happen next. As finally the music reaches is peaks it rapidly fades away to leave you with a mixed shot of both characters stepping away from the door, too nervous to actually take it that one step further, leaving the viewer then in a sort of exhausted like state, the camera then zooms in on Britney's face before fading out the entire shot in to a completely black screen. That's when a voice over can actually be heard, pulling the viewers attention back in as finally the product is revealed. A shot of it against a black background makes it stand out to the viewer, together with the actual name of the product tells the audience what it is and what it looks like so that they know what to look for in shops. With the only words spoken throughout the whole thing being "Do you dare?" and the excitement built up all the way through, will make the viewer feel like they need to feel that themselves and believe that to get this fragrance they will experience it. The use of psychologist theories is used throughout the entire advert and manages quite successfully to persuade the viewer that it's something they need. All around a well thought out advert to achieve the aims desired. ?? ?? ?? ?? Natascha Pirrie Media Studies 11/10/04 ...read more.

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