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Cadbury has value added to its products in many different ways

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C4: An understanding of what value added to the process for the product or service and for the business as a whole. Value added to Cadbury Cadbury has value added to its products in many different ways, for example the different sized chocolate bars that can be purchased by the customers, there's lunch sized dairy milk bars for children to eat with their packed lunch at school, and there's also different flavoured chocolate (mint dairy milk and orange dairy milk). This all adds value to Cadburys product because it ensures that Cadbury stays competitive amongst its rivals. By producing unique chocolate products and producing new chocolate products for customers, it helps Cadbury to have an edge over its competitors. ...read more.


The packing of the product also adds value to the product, this is because chocolate is mainly popular amongst children and they only choose to have/eat something that is eye catching and not dull. Cadburys packaging for their products are highly recognisable by all their customers and some of the chocolate products such as the "wild" and "frog" chocolate bar have a cartoon character and a puzzle on the packaging made by Cadburys on the packaging this is appealing to children and also has value added to it by the way that children can do a puzzle after they have finished eating the chocolate bar. Cadbury also offer promotions on the wrappers/packaging of its products, one of the latest promotions is that the customers can get 2 for 1 leisure activates and customers can win a digital camera. ...read more.


The design of the product helps to attract customers to it (the younger customers) as the packaging as information about the product written on it for example if Cadbury have a new flavour then this would obviously be written on the packaging (this appeals to the older/teenage customers). IT systems also save Cadbury a lot of money; this is an advantage for Cadbury as it can use the saved money to produce more popular products for the customers. Over all added value for Cadburys as a business means that the customers are getting what they want from Cadburys products, which is chocolate that tastes good that is available to buy in all types of sizes. Cadbury also maintains a good reputation with its customers. Value added also helps Cadbury to perform better than its competitors (Nestle for example). ...read more.

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