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Cadburys Communication Campaign

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Section B- Communications campaign (tasks 1, 2 and 3) The product I have chosen for this communications campaign is Cadburys. Cadburys is an existing product which consists of many different types of chocolates. The company is aimed at all ages but mostly young adults and children. Cadburys are sponsored by much company but one of their main sponsors is Coronation Street. "Coronation Street is the most watched programme on UK Television; it has a 35 year pedigree and reaches more than 15 million households, although a number of possible suitors were mentioned ...read more.


One campaign which Cadbury have already used was a poster campaign the posters they used looked like this: Poster Campaigns Here are three posters you will have seen out and about this summer. As you can see from the posters, with this Campaign Cadbury tried to advertise their different varieties of dairy milk instead of just the original dairy milk. When preparing a communications campaign, the business needs to set objectives which may include: Informing * For Cadburys to inform the public about this product, they have to tell the public what the public is and what it contains. ...read more.


Reminding * As there are so many other business out there in the world people might forget that your product exist, so sometimes the public need reminding about the product they could do this by doing special promotional offers or have it at a cheap price. Once you have taken all these factors into account you will have to consider how you are going to advertise it, and how you are going to present it. To make the advertisement a success it is important that it stands out from all other competitors. In Cadburys case this is mars, snickers etc. Randeep Chana ...read more.

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