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Car Market Segmentation.

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Introduction Car Market Segmentation The market for cars is just like an orange. It is divided into different segments. There are hundreds of different cars to suit everyone's needs. They are designed to match various people's needs and tastes. For example it is unlikely that you will see a family of six people in the latest sports car. People in this situation are more likely to a people carrier that has more room and seats. The market for the car industry today is segmented like this: Then 'income' is also split in to section: Essay To answer the question 'How does a car company segment the market?' I chose to look at two large car manufactures, Renault and Honda and sent out a letter to the companies. I then received information and adverts from the companies. To follow this up I then analyzed two Renault adverts and one Honda advert to see how the car was segmented. Renault: Advert 1 Laguna I think that the car advertised will be for either male or female as the have used cool blues and whites which look very classy and elegant. ...read more.


A majority of the people I asked was single or had a partner but no children. They also lived away from the city center and had quite a high income. Advert 2 Escape I think that the car advertised will be for either male or female as the have used cool colours and whites which look very classy and elegant. The surroundings around the car are white, which shows that it can be for anyone and that you as the customer make your surroundings. However the plain, non - detailed backgrounds appeal to females as it show that the car is a way of escape. The car might be aimed for customers over the age on 25 who are married. This is because the car is a people carrier and has loads of space for family baggage. The car might be aimed for single or married customers with a family as there is room to fit seven in to car. Also in the advert there is a family surrounding it which will appeal more to parents. ...read more.


I then compared what the advert told me to what others who was interested in the car were like. There was a mixture of male and female customers which show that this car is a unisex car. Most of the buyers were young which show that this car is ideal for first cars. The people interested in buying the car didn't have a family and lived in the city or near it which meant that the car was ideal for the day battles of transport. The customers that were going to buy this car had a low income or a medium income which also emphasizes the fact that it is an ideal first car. Through looking at all of the above I have concluded that all car companies follow the same market segmentation and show that in the customer skills and advertisements. It also tells us that car companies do compete with customer quality and product quality as well as price. All companies try to produce a car that will suit a wide range of people interests and demands. Manufactures are able to sell their cars due to us as the customers relating to what we see on an advert or at the warehouse and picturing ourselves in the same surroundings. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Well structured look at the topic with some analysis of the texts. However, the student needs to evaluate the texts in much more detail, perhaps looking at issues of ethnicity and stereotyping within the media in order to improve. ***

Marked by teacher Paul Dutton 01/12/2012

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