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CD Cover Analysis

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My CD Cover Analysis My cd cover is based in the "RnB" genre. This genre is based on sex, drugs, money, jewellery and all round "gangster" theme from my point of view. My artist is " Lil Pimpette" she is a tall teenage girl with long black hair and a thin figure. She has a stereotypical look to her as she is tall and thin and that is what you usually see in magazines. Her figure attracts teenage girls such as herself to the CD cover as one of the photos on it is of her sitting down showing off her thin body, this attracts teenage girls because the good look for there age is being tall and thin and being able to be pretty enough to be in a magazine. ...read more.


On the CD cover her name is written in large text to connote she is very proud of her name and herself. Her text is written in gold with a silvery filling. This connotes the "bling" look which is quite usual with this genre of artists. Her name also has a blue glittery crown on it to say she thinks of herself as a queen or princess again boasting about herself. She has two playboy signs next to her main picture to connote sex which is again expected in an artist of this genre. There are four photos of my artist on this CD cover. ...read more.


This again is giving the gangster look. Having a picture of the artist with smoke coming out the mouth is very common in the genre. This picture is repeated twice on both sides with another picture in the middle. The picture in between these two is a picture of her sitting down with a stripy top showing off her thin figure. The pink stripy top is stereotypical to a girly look. Again she a dummy in her mouth the to give out the cute innocent look. On the back of the CD cover there is a parental advisory sign to connote that this is aimed at the older teenagers rather than the younger teenagers. Huma. Bashir Media Studies 19/12/06 ...read more.

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