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Cd Evaluation

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My practical production consists of a poster, magazine cover and article, concert tickets and a CD album. These are to promote a new and uprising band in the UK. My target audience was my base thinking point when I was making all of my products. My target audience could be of either sex aged about 15-18. The social class I have aimed my band at are........ From a questionnaire I carried out, my target audience seem to be interested in Nu rave bands more than any other. This suggests I should produce a band with the genre of Nu rave for my practical production. My Target audience expect my products to be different but have the same deep meaning as other products from this genre. From researching existing magazine products on the market, I found out my target audience seems to like dark cool colours but a lot of depth in the pictures on it. Take for example the "Kerrang" magazine I analysed, its main background colour was black with a dark purple outline. ...read more.


I also into account that my band is a new and upcoming band, so they wouldn't have a good part to play in the magazine, so I used one of my cover articles as a band interview. The use of paint shop pro enabled me to add a lighting effect in the top right hand corner of my photo. This made the photo stand out more as it isn't the main picture. The light green makes the magazine stand out. I also linked in my poster and concert tickets with my magazine by making it a poster special magazine and giving away two free tickets to the bands concert in a competition. From researching existing concert tickets I found out that, they should be plain and simple with just the vital information on. They don't need to have pictures and flashy colours as these are only pass tickets to get into a place where they can buy real souvenirs. I took this into account by giving my product a very plain background with no more than the essentials on such as seat and block number, host of the event, band playing, barcode, buyers name and code numbers. ...read more.


I faded this picture by using paint shop pro again. I did this because it blended in with the back ground. I also used this software to sharpen up all my pictures so they were in clear focus. The use of paint shop pro enabled me to add a lighting effect in the top right hand corner of my photo. This made the photo stand out more as it isn't the main picture. When I tested my products on my target audience they thought my products looked appealing to there type of music. They said it had a catchy name and eye catching colours. Personally I thought the most effective part of my practical is how all my products link together as one. This helps attract more attention to my band. This is because there are my products out to support my bands up rising. In completing this work I have learned how to analyse different existing products carefully and pick out key points on each product. I have also learnt different computer skills such as adding effects to pictures and changing layouts. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Audience and Production Analysis section.

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