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Celebrity worship.

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Celebrity Worship Driven by a sophisticated media with purely profit driven motives, a large segment of societies around the world become consumed with the persona of a celebrity. The issue of celebrity worship becomes tasteless when learning about some of the real concerns surrounding our lives that you have discussed. However, fans become so absorbed in worshipping celebrities that they lose perspective and completely disregard reality- namely the tragedies and suffering in the world. There are so many other reasons why I find celebrity exaltation so immoral. Michael Jackson has been a famous entertainer since the age of five years old. He has been worshipped by countless fans throughout his history, and look at what he has become. He, like so many other celebrities, has become vain from the media attention and adoration from his fans. This has directed him to frequent plastic surgery, and he is now unrecognisable from his original appearance. He has become so spoilt that he has spent millions of dollars in a single shopping spree on furniture and clothing. He is unable to be seen anywhere without being surrounded by admirers and reporters. He is unable to say or do anything without the world discovering it. ...read more.


All celebrities are famous for their talent, and it is natural and acceptable for their admirers to have this as an influence on their lives. However, all celebrities have many faults, and when their personalities are respected and imitated, it often means that their faults are imitated also. An example of celebrity obsession is of a man named Tom Willock. He was an average American 16-year-old boy, but his attention and interest has been dominated by the obsession of Bebe Neuworth. She has never been anywhere near the centre of attention in the world of celebrity and media, and is barely very well known, however she still managed to dominate the teenage life of Tom Willock. This is a common situation for celebrity admirers throughout the world. Tom's life aim, as a teenager, was to meet his idol, and he used means of stalking to track down her family home. He had spent a year going to the library and using logic to find the address of this one girl whom had devoted his life to, but he had never met. Another example of one of the other extremes which is included in the issue of celebrity worship is that of Mark Chapman, who ended up shooting his huge celebrity idol, John Lennon, so he could share his fame. ...read more.


People should follow those who have made a genuine improvement to the human society, not those that entertain. For major celebrities, the incredible amount of attention has lead to their death. Elvis Presley was a happy, ordinary person until fame took the better of him. He was worshipped as a God, and this drove him to a weight problem and drug addiction. He tragically committed suicide by means of a drug overdose because he could no longer handle the media pressure. Diana Princess of Wales was chased to her death by the intense media stress. John Lennon was murdered in the street by a devoted fan, because his murderer, Mark Chapman, wanted his fame. The reason why celebrities are perhaps so easy to love is because you don't know them in any depth. You have chosen to idolize the 'shell' of the person that is depicted through the media. Whilst I don't want to detract from the achievements and abilities of celebrities, I think the best form of appreciation would be to try and find those hidden depths within yourself and endeavour to bring out the qualities you admire in famous icons into your own style. To blindly worship celebrity icons is idle-minded and imitative. Admire their talent, as you should admire the virtues of those who have made a real difference to humanity and who have set a real example to follow. ...read more.

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