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Chanel No5 Advertisement

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Chanel No5 Advertisement Throughout this advert, the producers use short shots to keep the viewers interested. The first shot is a high shot as the model walks across the ridge to the vault with a number '5' across it. This shot makes the model look small and innocent. Once the model opens the vault, the camera cuts to a behind shot. The viewers have not yet seen the model's face, which adds the mystery to the advert and again keeps the viewers interested. The camera then cuts to in front of her and watches her slowly comes towards you but before you can focus on her face it cuts to the wall of Chanel No5 perfume bottles. There is another quick cut to behind the wall of bottles as the model reaches out and picks up a bottle. The place where the bottle used to be is now the model's face, framed by the other perfume bottles. You can now see the true beauty of the model. ...read more.


The camera cuts and with a high shot shows the wolf howling. This image then fades into the name of the product 'Chanel No5'. This emphasises the product and reminds the viewers the product name. The sound in this advert is very dramatic and has a great effect. When the model is walking along the bridge towards the vault there is some light ethereal music playing gently in the background. Then as soon as she opens the vault the music bursts into strong, fairy-tale like music. This symbolises that in the vault there is something magical (the perfume). After the model has emerged from the vault the wolf appears and howls as the model leaves. This seems like he is grieving, as he has been defeated. The colour is very important in this advert. As the model is walking towards the vault the grand walls are a very dark, cold blue. Making it seems very sinister. The model is wearing a bright crimson cloak so this stands out against the dull background. ...read more.


She shows this by overcoming the wolf. The wolf could represent man. So this shows that with the perfume you are more powerful than a man is. The wolf was helpless, and so will your man be supposedly if you use the perfume. Also, another effective image was when the perfume bottles framed her beautiful face. This seems like she is part of Chanel. She is just as precious. The narrative of this advert is very clear. It is the theme of the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. She is in her red coat and the wolf is guarding the precious perfume. But the wolf is inadequate. She manages to over come him. In this advert there is not a lot of language. The only spoken words are, "Share the fantasy, Chanel No5". Also Chanel No5 is displayed on the screen. 'Share the fantasy'. This could mean that the whole advert is a dream which you can be part of if you buy the perfume. This advert is very clever as it persuasively sells the perfume effectively. It portrays that it is expensive, precious, important and superior. It kept me interested throughout the whole of the advert. ...read more.

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