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Chocolate Bar Advert Analysis.

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H/W 8/10/03 Susie Willmott My Chocolate Bar Advert Analysis Media Categories In this chocolate bar advert, the slogan and the chocolate bar name are the biggest features of the copy. The name of the chocolate bar, 'Elevation,' is illuminated by intense colours, such as orange, red and yellow; all fiery, energetic shades, which back up the name 'Elevation,' that implies strength and penetrating energy. The slogan in the 'Elevation' chocolate bar advert is 'Resist Gravity,' the font being conspicuous and immense, it is telling the spectators that if they bought 'Elevation,' they wouldn't just get the gorgeous chocolate and creamy center, but they will also be buying the power to defy gravity and boost their sophistication and popularity. The words above each picture are small but simple to read, leaving the advert looking like a comic strip. The bold colours of the advert attract teenagers' eyes and then imprint themselves on their minds. ...read more.


The fifth image contains a long shot of the boy accomplishing a rodeo 360 move on his skateboard, (a huge trick that involves the skater going upside down). The last picture has a close shot of the boy and the pretty girl who the young man adored. The teenage girl, is kissing him and the boy is holding out the 'Elevation' bar and grinning broadly, this last image is the utmost important one, it creates the 'wow' and 'I want to be like them,' in teenagers that will cause them to buy this chocolate bar. This picture also consists of the huge slogan and the chocolate bar's name. Media Language This presentation is a vibrant comic strip and is in the main pictures therefore it is a print. The dominant image is the actual chocolate bar, because in every image, natural colours are used, except for this red and orange chocolate bar, which captures the onlooker's sight immediately. ...read more.


The audience is constructed to see a simple world through this product, it will bring energy when your tired, popularity and happiness, to any problem an 'Elevation' is the answer, that is what is being discretely portrayed in the advert. I think this advert would be found in teen magazine because it's fun, a small story and involves something tasty! It could also be found on a shop wall, displayed boldly to all the potential-buyers. Media Technologies This advert is presented in vibrant colours, bold headlines and has a comic strip look to grab the teenager's attention from the second he or she walks into the shop and sees the advert. Each picture, in the layout, tells a part of the story to the best degree through camera angles and the distance from the scene. Using two of the most popular obsessions in a teenager's life, comics and skating, this advert stands out incredibly and fires 'notice me' vibes at the passer by. Once the viewer is drawn in, the amusing story and cool layout will cause the teen to buy the product. 1 ...read more.

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