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Choose three advertisements from the Levi's television campaign and analyse the techniques that made the campaign a success

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Choose three advertisements from the Levi's television campaign and analyse the techniques that made the campaign a success Levi's is a firm based three successful techniques used in media, which are sexual imagery, repetition and the usage culture. Sexual imagery has been used from one of the first adverts made and is stilled used. This is because sex sells and that is why is it used the most. It is one of the most effective method used by advertising company to get there points across. Repetition is an excellent form of media to make costumers remember what the firm are selling this is why they are making it makes such a superior names to remember so that is why we know the products of levis inside out. Culture is not used as much in media because not many company last and long as levis and because levis has the want to show off that the product has lasted so long it has been achieving costumers for a long time which is extremely hard for the reason that everyone in the world want new and modern companies whereas levis is old and on top. ...read more.


Refrigerator An old man walks in to a western dinner with a young hot waitress serving. The old man places an order but just then the camera turns around to show the sexy masculine protagonist walks down the stairs with a hot western landscape and steam coming off hot tempting body. He walks up the waitress who gives the impressing of love at first sight while leading him to the bed but the he then stops. To open the refrigerator to take out the ice cold Levi's the puts them on and again there is a close up of the groin. He then gets onto his motorbike and rides off into the distance. Followed by the famous red white and blue Levi's logo. Pick up A well off educated man is immovable on the side of a hot western road he gets out looks into this steamy engine while a woman who could be his wife is sitting in the passenger seat waiting to be saved. Then a young rebel stops his pick up truck to help the man the woman gets out to take a closer look of the young sexy male. ...read more.


In Refrigerator they still use sexual imager in the same was but with a difference plot the still use the steam, the masculine bodies and this time they show a woman who like his because of his jeans. They also have used more of the culture within this advert by adding the western dinner and the sandy landscape. They use repetition like the idea of a young sexy hero. Levi's also have the same logo and close up of the groin. By the 1990 the advert pick up was completed and over the 6 years there was no difference from the first advert. The had still look the same like the close ups, the logo, the rebel, the sex, the woman and the young sexy man still stayed the same but the adverts were like the same thing as before although the story would change. The success of the adverts were the setting the ideas and images which would make men buy the jean for them selves and woman buy them form there gentleman as it give the idea that he man isn't sexy it's the jeans which make you sexy. By Jigear Patel ...read more.

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