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Choose two magazine advertisements - Analyse both the language and imagery - What techniques do they use to convey their message?

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Choose two magazine advertisements. Analyse both the language and imagery. What techniques do they use to convey their message? Advertising is a method of conveying information, either to inform or persuade. Advertising is mass communication, an advertiser pays for in order to convince a certain segment of the public to adopt ideas or take actions, which are of benefit to the advertiser. Communication can be defined using this model: SENDER-MESSAGE-MEDIUM-RECEIVER There fore Advertising can be explained using this model: COMPANY-MESSAGE---ADVERT-TARGET AUDIENCE. Early advertisements were introduced in Ancient Rome; they were often small, plain and boring. The next big step-up from this was in the Medieval Period. Around this period a simple but affective from of advertising was very popular. Merchants employed so called "town criers" which shouted the praises of the merchant's wares. In Britain advertising began in the 1600's with journals and newspapers like the London Gazette and the Tatler. In the late 1700's agencies sold newspaper space for government advertisements. ...read more.


Sainsburys There are many more like: Buses, Taxis, Trains (on the), Subways, Advertising stands outside corner shops i.e. "play the national Lottery here." You can even find adverts on stickers! The most powerful, but most expensive, are T.V and Radio. There is two types of advertising: Promotional and Campaign. A promotional advert is when something is on offer, for example: At the moment at Iceland they are doing a buy 1 get 1 free deal on over half there stock. Another thing that you may get a promotional advert is on is a new product i.e. games, aftershave where if you pay the full price you can get another item of the same brand half-price. A Campaign is trying to put a point across as well as trying to sell or raise funds for the project, for example: Cafod may publish an advertisement in a supplement magazine protesting about the poor children in Africa and will tell you if you send just two pound a month you can help bring these children clean water and happiness. ...read more.


In the middle of the front cover of the small is a picture of a man jumping and the words "It's time to Get more" The words Get More are in purple to stand out. The downside to this type of advertising is that it is no use on the radio as the listeners cannot see the imagery. The second way that advertising can work is more complex and involves psychological influence--advertising manipulates, influencing people to but a product by playing on their feelings of guilt, need and insecurity. They produce perfect ideal worlds, which are illusions--using beauty, sex, love, and "happy families." For example the sandals all-inclusive resorts, this advert starts off with a man and a women petting each other and then goes on to a pictures sea and hotel resort, it then shows the emotions on the faces of people at the sandals resort, the emotions on their faces are all happy and enjoying themselves. This makes us want to be there and want to book the holiday straight away. Mark Colgan Page 1 English Coursework ...read more.

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