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Chris Evans launched "The Terry and Gaby Show" on Five in 2003, in an attempt to compete with ITV's "This Morning". In

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250504 Sam Iles GCSE Media Studies Assignment Chris Evans launched "The Terry and Gaby Show" on Five in 2003, in an attempt to compete with ITV's "This Morning". In less than a year it had been axed. Looking in detail at an episode from each show, identify the codes and conventions of the daytime TV genre, and suggest why "The Terry and Gaby Show" failed to dent the popularity of "This Morning". After looking at each of the episodes I found that the presenters in each one were quite the same. In both of the shows they have a man and a woman presenter and in both of the shows they seem very chatty and friendly. I think that in TAGS the presenters (Terry and Gaby) are better known and also have been in lots of different shows working together in the past. I think this shows that they should be able to work together very well and this should help the show, but as they know each other well it could make them more relaxed and so this could spoil it slightly as they talk to each other rather than the audience. In both of the shows the presenters are smiley and happy which is good because this should help people be more relaxed watching the show. ...read more.


In the episode of TM we watched they had a different variety of celeb's interviewed which could be another reason it was more popular than TAGS. In TAGS the competition prize was just a DVD player and the competition was very easy to answer they probably did this so that more people would ring with the answer witch would give them more money and as it was easy it would attract more viewers. This obviously didn't work which is probably because the prize was not as good either. In TM the competition was harder to get but the prize was a holiday, which is much better than TAGS and could have helped them get more viewers. I think that the competitions didn't have much to do with TAGS getting axed. For both of the shows They had someone on who spoke about celeb news and gossip and a bit of normal news. I think that in TM it was much more informative and detailed and in TAGS it was much more comedy rather than real news and information. I think they mainly did this because they were trying to target a younger audience by making it more up beat and new. ...read more.


For TAGS the set is very bright and up beat and much more colourful. I think it is the convention of daytime TV to have a very bright set and to have it set up like someone's living room with a sofa to make it look more homely. I think that the set for TM is much more relaxing and homely and that in Tags it is a bit too bright and colourful. This could have defiantly put people of watching the show. In TAGS They have a studio audience unlike TM who haven't. I think that TAGS having an audience is good because it includes the viewer more because there are normal everyday people on the TV too but it is also good for TM not to have an audience because it means their wont be any background noises or laughs at the wrong time which could annoy people. Rather vague, little use of media terminology (Mise-en-scene etc). PH By Sam Iles Sam, you have not properly addressed the points I raised from your first draft. Detailed examples are lacking (no mention of specific guests), nor do you make much reference to media concepts or theory (celebrity brands, mise-en-scene). You do identify some of the codes and conventions of the genre and engage in some limited analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each text. 18/40D ...read more.

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