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Comic essay

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Comic Essay A comic is: "A form of visual art consisting of images which are commonly combined with text, often in the form of speech balloons or image captions". Starting with the boy's comics, the titles usually centre on action and interests like sport, war and adventure. Heroes are heroic men who are strong, brave and aggressive. The settings that boy's comics are stereotypically based on are jungles, deserts, outer space and exotic locations. There are roles to identify with which include soldiers, spacemen, scientists and sports stars. Most boys' comics are about bravery, adventure and challenge and the events are exciting and heroes take risks finding themselves in amazing predicaments. ...read more.


The girls who demonstrate action end up in disaster, girls who are passive find happiness or love, which is quite the opposite to real life. There are many reasons why comics should be seen as positive for children. For example, comics and graphic novels have often challenged stereotypes and have engaged in social and political issues. Comics allow children to learn to read in an informal way, and often in a more motivated way. They are often very visually literate with sophisticated images that need interpretation. Comics also have a very serious side that might not be too obvious to the audience but still cover the issues of bullying and other school or/and personal problems. ...read more.


Even though the comics do include written words, the literacy level is poor and possibly not good enough to increase a child's vocabulary. Comics are also very affordable for children on a small budget which can refuse parents their control over deciding what comics are suitable to buy and children can become addicted to them, buying hundreds of them while only using a portion of their pocket money. Overall, not all comics are good or bad. It is dependant on what the comic contains. If violence and immaturity is promoted in the comic, then parents are less likely to buy these types of comics. However, if children are persuaded to stand up to bullies and learn how important friends are through a comic (most likely girl's comics), then this positive reflection will convince parents to buy them. ...read more.

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