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"Comment on the structure of the Advert."

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Abdulrehman JAVAD George Mitchell School (13410) Assignment: Media "Comment on the structure of the Advert." Context: This advert is taken from the guardian newspaper. And it tells us about the people of Afghanistan who are in poor condition. Before this advert is released, there was news about suicide bombing in America on September the 11th. This incident results in lot of people killed in America. America said that this has been done by Al-Qaeeda group and they are based in Afghanistan, so therefore, they declared war on Afghanistan. Purpose of the Advert: The purpose of the advert is to get your money. They try to persuade you by affecting your emotions and sympathy and pity etc, so to help and protect children from the results of war and it appeals to us for money. And might when the people saw this advert in Britain, they have lot of ideas and beliefs about people of Afghanistan which stops them to donate their money, so they have very cleverly made this advert up. ...read more.


Words of main heading are "THEY'RE INNOCENT PLEASE DON'T LET THEM SUFFER" So in this the author is appealing to people that children are innocent and so don't let them suffer. And author kind of telling in this that whatever is happened, the children didn't do anything so you have to save them, so persuading and targeting their audience and it also now convinced the reader to read the main text. Main Text: In the first paragraph, the author immediately summarised the events happened in Afghanistan. The author had divided the paragraphs so they don't look like big stuff to read. The first paragraph tells about Afghanistan had caught up in international crises and it don't tell about September 11th events so author had widen their audience. In the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs, the author tells reader that many innocent children flee their homes in Afghanistan and also the harsh afghan winter is approaching so "we" have to do something. The author uses "we", so it could be reader and the author, so it tells reader that we are the only people which can help afghan children. ...read more.


by cheque but after that he changed his mind, he could stop the cheque even before the last seconds when they going to clear it. So that's why this method is in end of the other methods. Also there are choices for the person who wants to donate, so it could be reliable for him. Logo and name of Charity: They have given their charity no, name of charity and well known logo which is established charity logo. Their reason for this to make the charity advert looks genuine. So people who want to donate, don't afraid of fraud and also people who donate money, they could remember the charity, and so donate next time. Conclusion: In conclusions, I must say that however this advert is for good purpose but in making of this advert, many market techniques are used which in turn tell that it could be a fraud. Throughout the advert, the author had cleverly summarized and carefully chosen words and advert is build up so much by author that it could be a challenge to the world of media. ...read more.

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