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Comparative commentary between two different pieces of written productions

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Comparative Commentary This is a comparative commentary between two different pieces of written productions. The first one, Text A, is an adaptation of an article from a New York's newspaper called "The Observer" written in 1996 by Duane Jones. The second one, Text B, is an extract from a book called "London Snow" written in 1979 by Paul Theroux. The common factor of both texts is the snow. They both contrast on how people respond in different ways towards experiencing the same situation. Also the main difference between these two texts is that Text A is fact while Text B is fiction. Text A's purpose is to inform the reader what has happened in New York and with a ridiculing almost insulting tone Jones' criticises in an extremely informal way all the people in New York; including journalist from the New York's press and the New Yorkers themselves. This article is aimed at an educated audience because of the use of puns and metaphors to describe the big problem that snow has created in the city. However, Text B is totally different. It has the same subject, but it is described in a completely opposite point of view. In this case, Theroux purpose is to entertain the reader by describing how snow affects a small city in London. ...read more.


The authors have used either optimistic or pessimistic points of view in order to make the reader feel what it was really happening in the two cities and how did people react to it. As Jones says in Text A, New Yorkers are superficial people because when some snow falls, "they dress for it and they talk about it" as if anything else was important. Also they "feel strangely blessed, overjoyed" because they think that now "weather has given them a place in history" so it would be the first time, in a ridiculous way, that they have some history. People make fun of the United States because of not having history. Another fact that proves the extremely informal use of language by Jones is "how ordinary people coped became meat and drink to the snow-hacks" when he refers to the journalists that get paid by what people say about snow. People become essential for hacks in order to survive. The tone becomes a bit harsher when Jones compares the "snow-plough workers" with fighters in the war that are most exposed to danger are the ones in "the front line". The author with a mocking tone imitates a New Yorker's accent by saying "Mudder Nature, we got her licked" and also criticise North Americans because they feel so superior that they think the can control and dominate nature. ...read more.


This happens when he says "the meadow was the frozen river on which the snow settled, and some icy wavelets had produced the illusion of lambs" (line 17). Theroux refers to the city as if the snow has made it look nicer and the reader knows this because he says: "from every eave and drainpipe hung icicle daggers and the loveliest swords of ice." Text B ends when one of the characters says that "the snow just came down and snuffled everything" and this represents the most innocent, nice and pacific people that make a calm and gentle city. After analysing and comparing both texts it can be concluded that there is one main similarity, which is the reaction of people towards snow, although the reactions are not the same. Both texts contrast a lot because of the differences that can be found in them. The main difference is how people react to snow. In Text A people react in a negative way because they see snow as a problem and therefore exaggerate this insignificant change in weather and make a total chaos out of it. While on the other hand, in Text B people do like snow and they contemplate the beauty of the city all covered in white. ?? ?? ?? ?? MARIA JOSE REY 1 ...read more.

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