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Compare 2 car adverts.

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Richard Cowan 10F Advert comparison For this comparison I have chosen to compare 2 car adverts. The first advert I chose was from the car magazine "Autocar" and this is an advert for a Chrysler PT Cruiser. The second advert I chose was from the "Sunday Times" and this is for a Fiat Ulysse. I chose these 2 adverts because I feel that they will be good compare as they have similarities and differences so there is many things I can comment about. There is a big difference in the sale tactics of the 2 adverts. The Fiat is a soft sell advert because there is no reference to the price of the car or any statistics about the car where as the ...read more.


backs up the point that the Chrysler is a car for a sensible family person because that is the kind of person who would show interest in the economics of the car. Both of the adverts have main points that they want you to focus on as soon as you look at them, on the Chrysler advert the first thing they want you to focus on is the name of the car and the price which are both in bold font at the top of the page, the Fiat wants you to focus on the name of the car which is written in huge letters diagonally across the page. ...read more.


across the slogan "with a price this low, we've had to make cutbacks on everything but the car", once you have read this you realise that the the whole advert looks like it has been handwritten to represent the cutbacks in cost. Both of the adverts contain the company badge, they are both situated at the bottom of the advert and I think this is so that it will reinforce the make of the car and I think it is important that people recognise the badge so that people can associate the car with the badge when they see it, but they can not put the badge in a more important place of the advert because it does not really attract the readers attention. ...read more.

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