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Compare a 2002 Mercedes Benz advert with a 1959 General Motors advert.

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Textual analysis - comparing a historical text with a modern text. Compare a 2002 Mercedes Benz advert with a 1959 General Motors advert The MB (Mercedes Benz) advert is very bland and plain, with no picture of the car at all. The basis of the advert is trust in the quality of the MB advert. Contrastingly, The GM (General Motors) advert is dominated by a large painting of the GM car. The MB brand has an image of quality and longevity in its cars. MB don't need to heighten their image in society so they can use abstract adverts that will boost sales more than they will increase the status of the MB brand. However, GM had not as strong a brand as MB does now. ...read more.


This is a powerful position for a logo because readers will see it as they turn the page. Differently, there is no specific logo of GM used in the GM advert apart from the small, hard to see logo on the painting of the car. This entices the reader to read the text above the painting to find out what make of car is being advertised. The oranges, yellows and shades of brown used in the GM advert connote warmth, colour and homeliness, which is how the advertisers want the audience to see the car. The colours perceive the car to be a good and safe place. The angle at which the car is shown in the advert highlights its size and connotates safety; this may appeal to a family audience. ...read more.


People are generally educated to a higher level and therefore more aware of deep-rooted meanings in adverts in modern society. This enables advertisers to use more abstract adverts. Neither advert would be particularly successful if they were used in the other adverts era. People are very busy in contemporary society, so they would not have time to read the entire GM advert, nor would they want to. People in 1959 (when the GM advert was made) would not understand the MB advert as they probably wouldn't understand how anyone could be persuaded to buy a car when there is no picture of the car in the advert. Such is modern society that we would think nothing of doing it because we understand the quality that is associated with the MB logo itself. Jonathan Spencer 11DGM - 1 - Media Coursework ...read more.

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