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Compare and Contrast a Broadsheet Newspaper with a Tabloid. In Your Answer You Should Explore Your General Findings. Then Pay Particular Attention to the Front Page and Lead Articles of Two Papers Published on the Same Day.

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Compare and Contrast a Broadsheet Newspaper with a Tabloid. In Your Answer You Should Explore Your General Findings. Then Pay Particular Attention to the Front Page and Lead Articles of Two Papers Published on the Same Day. Newspapers fall into two distinct types, tabloids such as the Sun, Express, Mail and Mirror, and broadsheets such as the Times, Telegraph and Independent. Tabloid papers focus more on celebrity issues and tend to sensationalise. Broadsheets tend to be more informative, covering more political and international news. Broadsheet papers have a rigid structure; for example, on budget day the independent was split into 13 sections. These were News, Home, Politics, Parliament, European News, World News, New reviews, Analysis of Health care, Editorial and Comments, Business, Shares, Sport and Racing. With the exception of the analysis of Health Care these were all regular features appearing in every day. Tabloids have a much less regular structure, on budget day The Sun had 8 sections. These were, Health crisis, War on terrorism, Bizarre, the TV listings, A problems page, a Fashion, holidays and sport. ...read more.


Broadsheets cover more international and political news. Tabloid papers tend to be more opinionated than broadsheets, The Sun has a whole page dedicated to its political opinions, and they usually follow a political party. They also have a habit of sensationalising stories. Broadsheets tend to be more informative. For this part of the essay I will be comparing the front page of The Sun, a typical tabloid, and The Times, a typical broadsheet. Both papers were printed on Wednesday the 24th of April this year. To allow for the size difference I have also included a page from The Sun, which continues the lead article. The front page of The Sun has only one article, of national news, on it and a headline with celebrity gossip "Gareth Dating Hayley". The lead article, which continues on the other page, is an update to the "Milly" story, explaining that police have found a young girl's body in a river that could be Amanda Dowler. In a column down the left side of the second page is another story about a missing woman. ...read more.


The Times has longer sentences and uses more complex language, with less slag for example "creates an environment which suits extremists and failed to resolve the stand off. The Times uses much more varied sentence structures, with many sentences beginning with subordinate clauses instead of the subject. For example, " as the repercussions of Jean-Marie Le pen's success in the French presidential elections continued to spill over into British politics, Ian Duncan Smith cautioned the media against allowing the oxygen of publicity". It also has many more parenthetical constructions, 29 in total, compared to 9 in The Sun. The Times has a more formal tone than The Sun. For example, it refers to Millys parent as Mr and Mrs Dowler, unlike The Sun, which has a very informal tone and calls them Bob and Sally. Interviews in The Sun are mainly from onlookers and members of the public. The Times has interviews with experts on the subject. This contributes to the overall tone of the paper because it is accurate and formal. The Suns interviews reinforce the sensational attitude of the paper. I personally prefer Broadsheets as they have less celebrity garbage littering the pages, although they are inconveniently sized. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Wilkes English Coursework 5/1/07 ...read more.

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