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Compare and contrast two car adverts.

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Media Coursework Compare and contrast two car adverts. I am going to compare and contrast two TV car adverts. The first advert is Fiat Stilo-sound effects and the second advert is Honda Accord. I chose these adverts because the first time I saw them they looked interesting and had a lot of differences between them. The Fiat Stilo advert is 39 seconds long. It is aimed at 20-35 year old male and female. It is a small affordable car suitable for working class ordinary people. The advert is fast moving. There are four characters in the advert. Three are male and one is female. Two of the men and the women are around 25-35 years old but one of the men looks much older around his 40's. ...read more.


The car is for middle-high class people. The advert itself shows different car parts needed for the final making of the car. In this advert the viewers do not know what is being advertised until the very end. This is because the advertisers want to keep the viewers in anxiety so that they keep on watching until the end of the advert. The Honda accord advert is longer than the Fiat Stilo advert and the storyline of both adverts is very different because the Honda Accord shows the parts needed for the making of the car and the Fiat Stilo shows the finished car item and the parts inside the car such as the automatic windows, navigator and the moveable seats. ...read more.


The background for Honda Accord is the same throughout the advert. It is a wooden laminated floor with a cream colour wall. The Fiat Stilo background is more interesting because it changes all the time whereas the Honda Accord background stays the same throughout the advert. There are various camera shots used during the Fiat Stilo advert. The camera uses long shots, mid shots and high angle shot. There is one extreme close up as the man presses a start/stop button. Camera shots used in the Honda Accord are mostly mid shots this shows most of the part being shown. There are also two close ups one at the beginning and one at the end where they show the dashboard and steering wheel. The whole advert is made with pan shots. The Fiat Stilo advert uses more camera shots than the Honda accord and so it shows more views of the car than the Honda Accord. ...read more.

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