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Compare and Contrast two charity leaflets, Oxfam and Born Free.

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Compare and Contrast two charity leaflets, Oxfam and Born Free. The Leaflet "Oxfam" can be strongly linked with the leaflet "Born Free" due to its subject. On the other hand it can have a contrast of ideas and imagery, the bulk of the leaflet consists of an exploration of the African community's feelings from the 3rd world whereas the Born free leaflet explores the violence that humans conflict upon animals. The Oxfam leaflet has an image of a black African child showing happy expressions, this may be due to him holding a bottle collecting water. There is another three smaller images one which is a boy from Bosnia which has received clothes from Oxfam as it states in the text. The other two images show people working although showing happy expressions, this gives the impression that they are happy to be working for themselves. ...read more.


the reader of the job Oxfam does, however Born Free has a smaller heading where the text is a fact, This is used to draw attention by making the audience shocked and at the same time interested. Hidden meanings can be seen within the images Oxfam demonstrates this by showing a poor child happy conveying the images that poor children can be happy with your help although Born Free demonstrates this by conveying a elephant which has been killed which represents that with your help elephants lives can be saved. The two leaflets both have different jobs but both are aiming to achieve a better world. The Oxfam leaflet has a purpose of persuading people to donate money to Oxfam, to help poor people to help themselves provide for the families. In contrast Born free is a persuading advertisement which is aimed to encourage people to become a member of a charity for �5 per quarter to help 'protect elephants from poachers' guns'. ...read more.


Unlike the Oxfam leaflet, the Born Free leaflet expresses imagery and comes across to the reader as a plea for help before it's to late as they use terms such as 'Urgently need you to join' This makes the reader feel singled out along with putting across the idea of guilt. The leaflet also plays with the reader's conscience, 'If you care about the elephants you will join' This is implying that if you don't join you obviously don't care about the elephants which is good use of persuasion text but some people might see it as unfair and inappropriate. I think that the Born Free leaflet is more effective due to the use of motivation and persuasive language, people may also choose Born Free to receive the free gift, however Oxfam has a bigger well known identity, I also expect some people may choose to support Oxfam with the idea that helping humans is more important than helping prevent hunting for elephants. Adam Etchells 12DM Gcse English ...read more.

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