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Compare the Advertisement "Can you light a fire?" with Gemma Warren's article "Teaching is quite simply the beat job in the world!" Which is the most successful in showing that teaching is a job worth doing?

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Compare the Advertisement "Can you light a fire?" with Gemma Warren's article "Teaching is quite simply the beat job in the world!" Which is the most successful in showing that teaching is a job worth doing? Both articles differ and agree to different extents. The government to attract possible teachers to the profession has generated the first article; we must take that factor into account when examining its presentational devices, its language and the factors of teaching it includes. The second article refers more to the personal experiences of a teacher, her opinions and feelings about the profession. It lists both the positive and negative aspects of the job and how it's affected her It's clear that the government material is designed to be inspiring and moving, as it is more of an advert than anything else, for the job. It constantly refers to you as the subject and how your life could be affected positively because of the profession. It has a lot of enticing figures and facts, that all back up its argument that teaching is a job worth doing. It lists pay expectations, and where you could go from this profession. It uses strong language and imagery to appeal to the reader. The relationships created between the text, its shape and the imagery used are very strong. ...read more.


The language differs greatly between the pieces. The advertisement is very matter of fact and the information is very concise and not up for debate. It uses phrases such as "you will" and "you start" both of which I talked about earlier appealing directly to the reader to get their attention and to get the person thinking about what it would be like to be a teacher from their prospective. The piece warns you that "you'll soon leave behind any old notions about teaching" which wipes the board clean for this advert to then have an even greater influence upon the reader. The advert is very keen to stress how you can mould the career around yourself to suit yourself and your lifestyle - "you'll start with professional training designed to fit the way you live your life" this is important because no new students want to commit themselves to a 7 day training regime, and this prevents that problem. In comparison the article leaves the thinking open ended as it describes some of the feeling, experiences and emotions this one teacher has come across. It is far more humored as well, over exaggerating the good and the bad points so the definitions of what is enjoyable about teaching and what is not are easier to see. ...read more.


The article is also a lot more sensitive towards human emotions and the little things we enjoy in life which have a part in this form of employment. This also includes such things as personal benefits and personal development, for both you and the pupils you will have to interact with. Because it is more in touch with the reader and not so imposing it appeals more and therefore makes teaching worth considering as a career. It is well balanced and gives you a good insight into what you could expect when entering the job. The advert lacks in being balanced in showing the positives and negatives of the career, but we must take into account that the advert was designed this way to stimulate people and leave them with no primarily doubts over whether or not this is an option for a career, so they could go onto research the career themselves and evaluate in far more depth. The advert however is very clever in the way in which the images relate to the text and is very inspirational, which again works well with the reason the ad has been generated - to stimulate people. This is demonstrated by the use of flame in the images. The empty match refers to you as a teacher and whether or not you could be this match, alight and able to light the imaginations, and the full potential of the pupils under your care. Tom Lewis Mr Drummond ...read more.

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