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Compare the Persil and Dove adverts.

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In the Persil advert there is a woman that covers more than eighty percent of the A4 page. The whole of the advertisement follows a yellow theme. At the bottom right hand corner, there is the products picture- a box of washing up tablets, but this is small in comparison to the size of the woman. There is some writing, which suggests that if you use this brand of washing tablets help to keep your skin soft. We can tell that she is married because she is wearing a ring on her left hand, ring finger. This suggests that there is a family, so that she is helping her family keep there skin soft by using the Persil washing tablets. In the products picture we can see a young child and a small baby. The direction of her face suggests that she is looking to her hand, which she has constructed a ring using her thumb and index finger. A large soap bubble is forming. This is misleading the readers because this is not soap or washing up liquid. This product is for washing up clothes. The woman is wearing a soft white bathrobe to look like she has just come out of the shower. ...read more.


The main point that any advert must do is to attract customers to come and buy the product. The writing also only states the good points about the product and not any of the bad points because if the readers read that the product could harm or injure them in anyway they will not probably buy the product. Next to the writing, there is a log that has a large circle, which has an inner circle. Between the inner and outer circle there is some writing which says " Dermatologically tested" Inside the inner circle there is a tick to promote the fact that this product has been dermatologically tested. Inn the information it does not say that it has been tested on animals because this could impair the company's reputation and harm the products sales. In the Dove advert there is not a lot of objects in the A4 sized sheet of paper. At the top right hand corner in a big text size there is some text that says 'soft, whit and fluffy. Could this be heaven?' At the bottom, there is a blue line that swirls and at the right hand side of the line, it has the logo of dove. ...read more.


While Persil never is exposed to your skin Dove is. This is the major difference about he two adverts. The dove advert follows a blue theme while the Persil advert follows a yellow theme. The dove advert makes the writing the centre of attention; the Persil advert makes the woman the centre of attention. Both the manufacturers have different views when it comes to displaying the advert but it all follows a few basic guidelines. These are that there must not be a lot of writing and the product picture must be displayed. There are no more logos in the dove advert (except he Dove logo) like there is in the Persil advert. In the dove advert, the product can be seen when it is use. In the Persil advert there is just a small picture of the front of the product. To summarise it all the Persil advert is a better advert of the two because it is a brighter picture and has a better effect. The Persil advert sells washing tablets and the dove advert sells a moisturising shower mousse. These products are different but what combines the two adverts is that both the products claim that they can help to keep your skin in good condition. ?? ?? ?? ?? 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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