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Compare the representation of celebrity, in two tabloid newspapers studied and discuss whether they serve the press and/or them selves.

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Compare the representation of celebrity, in two tabloid newspapers studied and discuss whether they serve the press and/or them selves. The word celebrity means someone who has done or does abnormal things, such as being a TV presenter, good sporting figure or movie star. People see celebrities' everyday through television, newspaper, radio and now the internet. The dictionary simply refers to a celebrity as a famous person. A newspaper that has more stories relating to celebrities than the main news is called a tabloid. The two tabloid newspapers I chose and studied were the Daily Express and the Sun, the date was Monday, the 19 of November 2001. Tabloid newspapers are very popular and sell much better than the broadsheet, this maybe because the population of England would rather hear about celebrity based news than the normal news. Celebrities and the tabloid newspapers seem to rely on each other a lot as the tabloid makes the celebrity well known and the celebrities make a tabloid. This bond between the two can sometimes take a turn for the worst as the newspaper may print something which is private to the celebrity or bend truth to suit the paper. ...read more.


In the top left of the page is the picture of Sam Medes and behind him the picture of the �400 a night hotel that they stayed a few nights in. All the photos are in colour. Something that caught my eye was the fact the picture of Kate Winslet, Sam Mendes and the �400 a night hotel are all joined; and the picture of Jim is in it own circle with a white border maybe showing that Jim is odd one out of the photos as the other ones are together now and he is the left out one. In the Sun doesn't write about this story on the front page like the Express and doesn't write about it intill the 11th page unlike 3rd page in the Express. The Sun starts with the heading "Little surprise at Kate finding love with a big showbiz name" this tells me that people at the Sun knew all along that she was having an affair. The title is followed by "So Sam Mendes is supposed to be the new man in Kate Winslet's life. ...read more.


Mean while the Newspapers are havening a field day as they have some much to write about. This story has been going for some weeks now before saying that she was having an affair with Dougray Scott but this was proved false, but this story is apparently true as a close friend of Mendes said the two have been seeing a lot of each over but at the moment they are apart because of Kate filming in Texas and Mendes directing in LA. This is the sort of story that tabloid newspapers live on as they give them area to make stuff up and be creative, this can also lead to the celebrity getting annoyed and suing which because more news for another tabloid. This is the tight bond between celebrities and tabloids they might not always be positive, but there is always a tight bond between them. Who would I say benefits the most, out of Celebrities and Tabloid newspaper? I say none of them as they both benefit off each other just as much as each other. ...read more.

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