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Compare the social and cultural representations in Wondrous Oblivion(TM) and Grow Your Own.(TM) What messages are the films trying to give to the audience?

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Compare the social and cultural representations in 'Wondrous Oblivion' and 'Grow Your Own.' What messages are the films trying to give to the audience? In recent history different social and cultural groups have started living in the same communities more frequently. The original locals may or may not have accepted these new cultural and social backgrounds. These two films, 'Wondrous Oblivion' and 'Grow Your Own,' both look at the issue of immigration in Britain and express alternative representations of different cultures. The first film I am going to look at is 'Wondrous Oblivion,' my favourite of the two films. This film represents English people as being very posh. For example at the beginning of the film there are images of big houses, Big Ben, parks and ponds. The narration is also in a upper-class voice. The kids at the school have parted hair and play cricket and all have smart uniforms. This establishes the theme of the film. I think it perfectly represents the upper-class people in English society at the time. It also represents some English people as racist bigots, especially towards Jamaicans and black people. Firstly, at the cricket match the three white people attack the black officer and then they try to burn down the Samuels' house. ...read more.


They are not Indians, not red Indians, I know that." This shows they are not familiar with black people. Mrs Wiseman sides with the racists until she gets to know them better. Also Victor says to David when he starts to play cricket with the Samuels, "These are not our type of people. We have nothing against them, but we don't mix." This shows that the Jews are slightly racist themselves. Another way that the film represents (and stereotypes) the Jews are by showing the importance of academic study and hard-work, rather than sports, as highlighted when Mr Wiseman says to David "Why do you waste time on cricket, you're a good scholar." This is reinforced when an Englishman says to Mr Wiseman "you've a head for numbers at least." Once David and Mrs Wiseman get to know the Samuels family they realize that the relaxed Jamaican way of life is better, it leads them to become better people. This is another main message of the film. They are more relaxed, and less up-tight about everything. David decides to go to Dennis' picnic, instead of the big cricket game. This tells us that he has grown to like the Jamaicans and is not a racist like his other friends. ...read more.


I think the black family in both films are represented very similarly: * They are both very loving and caring to their families. * They both have free lives. * They both help others. * They both have a lot of fun. They are represented very positively in both films. The Chinese family are represented as being quiet and self-contained in their own world. They do not socialise much, although this is mainly because the father cannot speak because he is in shock due to the death of his wife. The two children work quietly and on their own on the allotment. The Chinese family do eventually strike up a friendship with Kenny and he is kind to them. The rest of the English people are inconsiderate to them by demolishing their allotment. The Chinese are also represented as spiritual. The man buries his wife's jewellery along with a picture of her. They were also generous with their fruit. The film represents them as hard-done by people who have had to pull through bad times. These two films show different representations for different cultures, both represent the English and black culture similarly, although they are set in different times. I think racism is a form of bullying and after witnessing these two films it should be eradicated forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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