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Compare the two in terms of how they attempt to sell their respective products and examine each in terms of how successful you think they are likely to be in selling their product.

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Select two television adverts that promote a similar product. Compare the two in terms of how they attempt to sell their respective products and examine each in terms of how successful you think they are likely to be in selling their product. After analysing both the Carlsberg and the Guinness adverts my first observation was that, although they advertise similar products, they are extremely different in content. This is very significant because it shows that these two companies have vastly different ideas and maybe different target audiences when it come to marketing their product. The Carlsberg advert is a very modern; male orientated sketch, which combines realism with fantasy. It starts with trendy, up to date/club scene music then the first shot opens on three 'normal' looking 'blokes' walking through sliding doors. The entire advert is based upon following these three blokes on their holiday. They board the plane and the airhostess greets them with a pint of Carlsberg each, they get to their seats-which are the only three on the entire jet- and are situated in a room with beautiful women and a huge TV screen, which is playing football. In the next shot they are given a fresh pint of Carlsberg each, but they can't reach it comfortably so we then see the pilot move the whole plane upwards just so the pints can slip into their hands. Next we see the three blokes being dropped off at a luxury hotel in a luxury limousine and the porter is waiting to bring their bags up to their rooms. In the next shot they look at their fabulous hotel suite while the porter struggles with the bags and then there is a view of the 'paradise' island. Then the three blokes, each with another pint of Carlsberg, go out onto the balcony where, to their immediate horror, they see another hotel being built next door, a typical holiday disaster. ...read more.


For example, the vintage style of the Guinness advert is, I believe, aimed at the more vintage character with old fashioned ideas and values and also the idea of achieving personal goals is communicated which might suggest it is aimed at people who are ambitious, but the more modern Carlsberg advert with the younger characters, I think, would be aimed at a student- types audience with newer ideals and more modern values. All these factors within the advert help to build a wider picture of the target audience and the specific aims of the producer are revealed. After identifying the target audience, there are other factors left unconsidered; what is the advert suggesting about the quality of the product? The Guinness advert, with its stylistic approach to film and black and white vintage appeal has the look of quality. It is well put together and is very artistic and pleasing to watch, which is very important when communicating quality. The audience gets quality from start to finish and this will, most probably, convince the audience that this quality is reflected in their product as well. This is cleverly done, not only by the quality of the film technique and the artistic style, but also by the story line within the short film. The story suggests quality also because the surfer is enjoying quality of life by experiencing a phenomenal moment and what the advertisers are trying to do is make the audience associate such an experience, such quality of life, with their beer in the hope that this will help sell their product. This is a clever strategy because as part of the audience I was truly convinced that the main surfer had made a great achievement and in turn I associated this with Guinness and automatically believed it was a good quality product. In contrast, the Carlsberg advert presents quality in a different way. ...read more.


It suggests that you should stick at something and eventually you will get what you want or achieve what you have always dreamed of achieving. This has a strong appeal because almost everyone has had a dream of some sort and the idea that waiting for it will make it come true is a very appealing thought, and this, in turn, being associated with such a powerful personal goal idea, would successfully promote the product and boost sales. The Carlsberg advert chooses to promote their product in a very different way altogether. Their technique is to appeal to a younger audience and use stereotypical humour to promote their product as being rather 'laddish' and sociable. I think that this advert is trying to communicate that Carlsberg is the best of the best and the method used to communicate this is very clever indeed. In order to convince the audience of this, they used humour and popular culture of today to show every man's fantasy and compare it to the beer. Whether this is believable or not it still puts the beer in good favour with the audience because it shows that the true male fantasy is understood, it portrays the brand as being 'hip' and is displayed attractively to sell the product. After analysing both the adverts I have come to realise that they are both very successful in communicating their ideas to their chosen audiences and I think after viewing both the adverts that they would both be very successful in selling their products. Speaking purely from my personal opinion though, I would have to say that I prefer the Guinness advert because I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and I really like the idea of achieving a personal goal to the extent shown in the film. The artistic nature adopted by the use of the camera and the stylish portrayal of the significant event and sense of story all had me enraptured. If I were old enough I would definitely waltz into a pub and buy myself a pint of Guinness. After all, that is the whole idea! ...read more.

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