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Compare the ways in which two writers of at least two different charity appeals that try to persuade the public to support their cause

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Media Coursework Title: Compare the ways in which two writers of at least two different charity appeals that try to persuade the public to support their cause Examples of media are television, radio, internet, and newspapers. Media is an avenue through which information is given to the general public. It influences modern society, the way we think, our political choices; attitudes; and beliefs. It plays an important role in society today. My assignment is to analyse two sources of media entitled "Blinking Hell" produced by the sight savers international and the RSPCA appeal produced by the RSPCA which are both charities For this assignment I have studied two appeals, the first one "Blinking Hell" second "the RCPCA appeal". The purpose of the sight savers international appeal is to persuade the reader to support their charity and understand how it may feel for a sufferer of trachoma; it also states how little it costs to treat trachoma and how the disease develops from something small to something great. The purpose of the RSPCA appeal is also to persuade but to make the reader understand what the sheep go through before being slaughtered for meat. It also brings across a point of how meat traders treat sheep. For example "The sheep could be slaughtered close to their farms, refrigerated and transported (a method favoured by many farmers)". ...read more.


Blinking Hell uses persuasive tone to make the reader donate to their charity and believe what they are saying about the victims and what happens in the text. They also use sympathetic tone, which makes the reader feel sympathy for the sufferers of trachoma; this brings across emotive devices making the reader feel pity for the people with trachoma. The RPSCA appeal also uses persuasive tone in their text but this makes the reader want to take their side and want to help. This is also conspiratorial against the meat traders because of the way they are treating the sheep; this may make the reader feel anger towards the meat trader. The information in the text shock the reader, and make the audience feel disgusted with how the sheep are being treated. Through out both of the texts I think the tone and style changes and switches from conversational to informative in both appeals. In both texts the writer influences the reader to feel emotive and have pity on the victims (sheep and sufferers from trachoma). The RSPCA appeal causes shocking and disturbing emotions. It makes me feel disgusted with the way the meat traders are treating the sheep. It disturbs me on how much waste are soaked into the sheep. For example "in 24 hours 800 sheep produces 700 grams of faeces a day" which is outstanding and saddens me in how the animals are being treated. ...read more.


The writer shows the inspiration of our confidence in organisations' work; this is shown by "Wouldn't you pay a hundred or a thousand times that if it were your eyes at stake?" In the appeal it makes it easy for the reader to respond because it states the address, so that the audience can send of their donations to the charity. For the RSPCA appeal readers are reassured that all donations made are put towards the appeal by stating the RPSCA logo which certifies which charity it is; and because the charity is well known it has a good reputation of helping people in the third world. The appeal makes it easy for the reader to respond because it leaves a phone number, so that people can call in to help. I think for the charities to be dependant on the public's generosity because they need the public's help to fulfil their needs on what they want to be done. The appeals that I have analysed are successful in the way that, the organisations sound persuasive and convincing enough for me to donate if I were the one being asked to. I think that the Sight savers international will be more successful, because the appeal talks about young children who may be more effective on the reader; it is also more appealing because it creates pity. Therefore Sight savers international is more successful. ...read more.

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