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Compare two film posters between different genre

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Tom Kwei Section two: Compare film posters from different genres 1. King Kong Genre(s) : Action/ Fantasy 2. War Of The Worlds Genre(s) : Sci-Fi / Action Both the film posters are effective in promoting the film and conveying meaning to the audience. They both use many effective visual devices to do this. The gesture codes are effective visual devices that are used to show facial expressions and body language. Film poster one presents us with a very strong opening image. That of a towering ferocious ape, King Kong. Kong is presented in a crouching pose, shielding the female protagonist from the audience. His protective state suggests he is acting contrary to his animal roots and protecting rather then killing the human female. Also on Kong's forehead we can see a deep scar, showing that even someone as appretnly vicious as Kong can receive harm. ...read more.


By looking closely at the hand of the alien, we can see the hand throbbing with power and strength, thus displaying a strong action code. But by hiding the aliens face it really gives the poster a strong enigma code. The composition of mise-en-scene shows a strong contrast between the two film posters. King Kong places us above Kong, making us feel more powerful then him. Allowing us to realize that even though he is 10 feet tall, he is still an animal. Also by highlighting the vibrant New York city backdrop it gives us a chance to see the wonderland that Kong has scaled. This adds to the enigma of the poster allowing the audience to see how high he has climbed. The natural colors of the poster also makes this poster seems out of genre. ...read more.


Both these posters advertise remakes of older classic versions. For this reason a tagline is not really required as the audience has there own ideas about the plot and fore knowledge of picture. Also by not placing a tagline on either poster, it really adds to the enigma codes of both films respectively. Both films intial intrest would be gained via the directors rather than the stars. Both having Oscar winning directors at the chair gives the films a sense of purpose and prestige. By having there names on the posters, it relieves the audience that these aren't going to be terrible remakes. King Kong uses its maing star 'Kong' to attract the attention of the audience. By placing him at the mainstay of the screen it will surely attract all the previous fans of the series. Whereas 'War Of The Worlds' displays no famous stars, but by showing the alien gripping the world this will surely grip sci-fi fans. ...read more.

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