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Compare two similar advertisements.

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Media Studies Essay - Compare two similar advertisements All advertisements essentially have one purpose - to manipulate the way we think in order to persuade us to do something that they promote. In this essay, I will be comparing the way in which two different advertisements, both promoting similar products, do this. The first advertisement is from the 'Breitling' company and advertises its brand of watches; the second advertisement however advertises 'Accutron' watches. Firstly, both advertisements are similar in that they both make use of an aeronautical theme to promote their watches. Breitling uses the fact that its hot-air balloon was the first balloon ever to complete a "non-stop round-the-world" flight, to establish to the reader that its products are reliable and to provide an incentive for the reader to buy. Accutron on the other hand uses the fact that NASA chose to utilize its "timekeeping technology for America's first trip to the moon" as a persuasive factor. In an expedition of such a great scale such as the trip to the moon, only the best, most reliable equipment would be used and so Accutron highlights this in order to emphasise on the quality of its watches. When looking at both the Breitling and the Accutron adverts it is instantly clear who the advertiser is. ...read more.


In the case of the Accutron advert, there is also a white glow around the watches, making them stand out and seem special. Another striking, less obvious image in the Accutron advert is the image at the bottom of the page, which is ambiguous and could be interpreted as a number of things. Could it be a space rocket taking off? Or is it some sort of laser beam or ray of light? It is unclear what it is but what is does is help lay emphasis on the space theme of the advert by making it seem more modern and space age. Language plays an essential role in both advertisements and is as important as, if not more than, the images. The Breitling advert in particular, uses extremely persuasive, effective language, which is quite formal in tone, whereas the Accutron advert uses fairly informal language, which is mainly centred on their watches. In the opening paragraph of the Breitling advert, the language immediately has a large impact on the reader. It arouses the adventurous spirit within us and stimulates our imaginations in order to connect with us. The opening lines consist of several short, striking sentences and the way in which they are set out implies a small pause in between each one where the reader can envision what the sentences insinuate. ...read more.


In conclusion, both advertisements do a good job of fulfilling their purposes of persuading readers to buy their watches and effectively convincing readers that their watches are better than the competition. However if I were to choose which one advert had most influence in convincing me, I would definitely pick the Breitling advert. Although the Accutron advert did persuade me to some extent, it is still relatively simple and not very eye catching or attractive. The advertising technique of using sarcasm is adequate but could have been done much better, as could have the text on the whole in persuading the reader. The Breitling advert on the other hand is extremely effective in standing out from other adverts and is very successful in making the reader, including me, remember it. It incorporates striking, effectual images that in addition to playing with the readers feelings and imagination, also makes the advert look attractive and eye catching. The language used is powerful and has a large impact on the reader, and the choice of vocabulary is excellent, leaving the reader feeling exactly the way the advert aims for. Lastly, the idea of donating money to charity for every watch sold is very clever and as well as providing a further incentive for the reader to buy, also enhances Breitling's reputation with the public and manipulates the reader into trusting and feeling more comfortable buying from them. Keith Chan 10BA ...read more.

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