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Comparing 2 Adverts (TV & Magazine Ad).

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Media Essay - 2 Adverts (TV & Magazine Ad) Migraine Advert The imprecise shadows are unconventionally layered through scratches and livid groans bellowing it echoes of pain and insanity. The ripples and cuts creasing through the skin pull the face apart accordingly so the distorted effect can cry its relief. The advert is a dark eerie poster dragging the reader's know-how on confronting its sustained self on the extreme end of a migraine. The potency the advert holds on potentially redirecting ones self towards this poster is effectively executed to reassure one that 'help is at hand'. The names hints its creation and susceptibly forces ones metal conscience by displaying a scratch-like font in order to stand out and spread its message as if the writer was in intense pain scraping at the surface. When you first glance at the advert a pale man is shown with a cracked forehead of many pieces. I suspect that the graphic designers inserted a picture of the moon onto the forehead and through illusion deceive ones vision of a normal head like faulting beneath the earths crust. The informal layout is appropriately applied in this advert by spacing out the picture from the text in an order of persuasion. ...read more.


The impact of this technique would grab the viewer's attention or deter the viewer from listening further as it finally crystallises. At this stage the lighting techniques are also changed to a central focus with no shadowing but a glow around the peripheries of the text. Though these changes were quite subtle it reinforces the business like nature of company by flowing fluidly. The advert is by a credit card company trying to convince the viewer to apply for a platinum card. It was designed for as wide a target audience as age would allow them. The text was delivered in an inviting and pleasant tone that had no distinct dialect. Some words are stressed at key times throughout the presentation e.g. wouldn't, never, even. There confidence in their product includes a 2 second pause and an even longer blank screen. These techniques would set them apart from the usual run of the mill credit card advert. The voice paid a key part in maintaining the viewer's interest by lowering and highering the pitch at which the text was delivered. In an attempt to personalise the bond between the viewer and the product the narrator stresses the words 'oh' as if it is an afterthought which may be the bate to attract the viewers awareness. ...read more.


The background sound was de-prioritised allowing the narrator to inform the viewers about their competitiveness, ease of access and professionalism. Media Essay - 2 Adverts (TV & Magazine Ad) Comparisons I believe that both advertising company's have compiled a strong campaign for the media type they were targeted for. Though Migraleve could transgress onto the media of TV it would inevitably become extremely costly to the company due to the 3D effects needed around the skull. Similarly the MBMA would lose its originality in print and end up being a bland everyday credit card advert usually randomly placed inside a fashion magazine with no credibility at all. Both adverts in my opinion specifically targeted audiences well, with Migraleve's emphatic use of creative graphics to engage the fellow sufferer's interest, and MBMA's simplistic but sleek and up to date credit card advert to entertain but contain an importance between both parties. They have equally used other objects, the moon and everyday items to add an initial sense of experience to their campaign before the object is revealed beside it or around it. MBMA's promotion is attempting to link the use of a credit card to part of a 'normal day's routine', whereas the symbolic use of the moon in Migraleve's campaign has been selected to portray the light and dark surfaces of the moon, or life with or without a campaign. ...read more.

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