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Comparing and contrasting two mobile phone adverts.

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Comparing and contrasting two mobile phone adverts Advertising is a very important part of all promotional campaigns. It is used to encourage audiences to buy the product which has been advertised. Advertising is shown in many ways through TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards and leaflets. Many campaigns have been extremely successful. A successful campaign is one that becomes part of everyday life, immediately associated with the product and is instantly recognizable due to a strong logo or popular sound or song. If the advertising is talked about and creates interest in its own right it is more likely to succeed in what it has been set out to do. A company knows when a campaign is successful when it is the first name thought of by the public in relation to a certain product and thereby increases sales of that item or range of products. ...read more.


The writing lets you know that you can customize how your phone looks and works. There is other writing the finer details which are in smaller, finer and fainter print. The Ericsson logo is in the middle of the page it is very large and bold. The second advert is for the Trium Mars mobile phone. There is a photograph of two children as the background of the advert, the picture is one of two small, cute children whispering too each other, this is here to show a form of communication which is trying to let on that the phone is good for talking on. There is a picture of the phone in the bottom right hand corner of the advert this shows details and a message. There is also a smaller picture of the phone on the bottom left hand corner this picture shows the overall look of the phone. ...read more.


The Trium is more aimed at young adults to adults; the phone would most suite the business man or women due to the features of WAP and email capabilities. These campaigns for mobile phones are very successful; this has been found by the amount of phones which have been sold in the past few years. The campaigns for the Ericsson A2618s and the Trium Mars will work for the audiences they have been aimed at because they have been carefully prepared to appeal to the certain audiences. The Ericsson A2618s advert has been made in such a way so it would catch the teenager's eye with the bold writing and the pictures of the alien and the phone. The Trium advert would be more likely to catch the business mans or women's eye because it has more writing on it than the Ericsson so it would catch their eye if they was reading the paper or magazine which the advert came from. James Richmond 11FAA ...read more.

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