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Comparing the opening sequences from The Ring and 10 Things I Hate About You.

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Media Essay Comparing the opening sequences from The Ring and 10 Things I Hate About You. All films fit into a certain genre; a genre is a category that media texts are put into, for example thriller and comedy. Genres work because people can decide whether or not they are going to like the film. I would put Ten Things I Hate About You into comedy which is a major genre, but it could also be put into a sub-genre of teen comedy. I would put it into teen comedy genre because it has young adults sense of humour in the way the script is written. In addition, the music suggests that it is aimed at young people. On the other hand, The Ring is a very different kind of film, at the beginning it is very dark and shows a big isolated house which suggests it is a horror film because it makes you wonder what is going on in the house. ...read more.


In The Ring the conversation that the two girls is quite serious, this shows that its not a very easy going film. On the other hand in Ten Things I Hate About You they have conversations about their favourite bags and trainers, this emphasises the teen feel to the film. The setting can tell you a lot about the type of genre the film is. Ten Things I Hate About You is set during the daytime which gives the audience the impression that its going to be a romantic or comedy film. In contrast The Ring is set on during the night this makes everything feel slightly more creepy. I think for both films the location is very typical for the genre. Ten Things I Hate About You is set in an average American high school in Seattle. This is typical of a teen comedy because its where teenagers go to school. The opening of The Ring is set at a big isolated house in the middle of no where. ...read more.


In Ten Things I Hate About You the high school is a good prop to show the genre of the film because its busy and you would see a lot of teen comedy's have scenes with the main characters high school. Overall out of all the iconography used, the most significant in recognising that The Ring was a horror would be setting of the establishing shot. I think this because as soon as you see a big dark lonely house with just one light on you immediately think that something bad is going to happen in the house. Whereas the major iconography used in Then Things I Hate About You would be the music right at the beginning. This is because as soon as you hear it you instantly think teen film because it's a pop/rock song that you would associate with teenagers. I think that it could be possible to identify a genre by using one aspect of film language although sometimes it would be difficult. The best way to identify a genre would to use a combination of film language. Sammie Eaton 10SWM ...read more.

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