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Comparing two adverts

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Page 1 . . . . . . . Introduction Page 2 . . . . .Hugo Boss Advert Page 3 . . . . . .Analysis of Hugo Boss Advert Page 5 . . . . . . Charlie Sunshine Advert Page 6 . . . . Analysis of Charlie Sunshine Advert Advertising and media are part of everybody's everyday life, with or without them realizing. Each day we see adverts on the television showing us new lifestyles that look glamorous, we hear adverts on the radio, we see slogans emblazoned on people's clothes, on the side of buses, on billboards, everywhere!! Big companies know that they need to make their product appeal to as many 'niche markets' as possible and they do this by 'audience segmentation'. This is when companies make an advert so that it would appeal to one type of person, and then another advert for the same product but for a different type of person. Although it is hard to know exactly when there target audience will be watching, companies will spend lots of money researching. ...read more.


The model in this advert is wearing a suit which suggests that she is a business woman. The suit isn't a normal one though. It is low cut and sexy, showing a different side to working women. The phrase 'expect everything' is very empowering. It gives the consumer confidence, like it's saying you can expect everything if you wear our perfume. Most of the page is filled with the model but on the right hand side there is the Hugo Boss logo and a bottle of 'WOMAN' perfume. The Hugo Boss logo is in the middle of the black space at the side and is quite small but because it is written in white it stands out against the black. The capital letters suggest that they really are the boss, and are a well established company who consumers can trust. The picture of the perfume bottle is showing that it is different from other perfumes. The bottle is a half moon shape which also suggests the use of black and white is a connotation for night and the moon. ...read more.


In the top left hand corner is the word 'new'. This will entice people who like to be trend-setters or who are looking for something fresh. The word 'Charlie' is written in large free flowing letters which is the signature font of the company, there-for re-assuring the consumer that they are buying from a company that they have trusted before. Whereas Hugo Boss used black as a connotation of sophistication, Charlie Sunshine are using orange, a bright, lively, sunny colour. The orange backs up the message about sunshine. The picture in the bottom left hand corner is advertisements for other of their products, showing that they are versatile. The models hand is just above the picture, as if she's going to grab the bottle. The idea of the advert is to make consumers think that by using Charlie Sunshine you will be flirty, bubbly, energetic and tanned! At the very bottom of the advertisements is the 'Revlon' logo. It is a long white stripe across the bottom of the page to show that they are the makers of the perfume, and the word Revlon is in gold, to continue with the sunshine theme. ...read more.

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