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Comparing two adverts - I am focusing on are the 'Nescafe Cappuccino' and the 'Shreddies Cereal'.

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English Coursework- GCSE Media Piece Haylee Brown- 10DR Adverts on the television are easier to convey messages. Producers have to promote and make their product look good so it will sell. On the television advertising can be made eye catching and attractive or even funny, this helps sell the product being advertised. The two adverts I am focusing on are the 'Nescafe Cappuccino' and the 'Shreddies Cereal'. Both these products I think are rated at different audiences. For the 'Shreddies'- I think it is aimed more at maybe parents who want their children to be healthy and full of energy, the advert gives you an image of a family who love 'Shreddies' and cannot wait for breakfast. For the 'Nescafe Cappuccino'- I think it is aimed at young adults, maybe students. It gives you an image of maybe single or young adults socialising. In the 'Shreddies Cereal' advert it shows three different children doing different things, I think the focus of the advert is that children are full of energy. Images of the 'Shreddies' advert: 1. The advert begins with a young girl fishing in the bath. There are three camera shots here. 1) The girl putting the fishing rod into the bath, 2) the young girls face, 3) ...read more.


This helps show that the 'Shreddies' provide people with energy, by the young boy running around this helps show he is still full of energy. 8. The advert then ends with the box of 'Shreddies' placed on a table. The camera shot stays on this as the voice over comes to an end, with the slogan 'Shreddies energy is steady energy'. The advert is appealing to its audience because parents want their children to be healthy and full of energy. With the children all doing different things with are energising for instants dancing and boxing, this show that the children of this household are all doing something energetic. When the mother shouts "breakfast" the young boy comes running down the stairs, this shows that he loves 'Shreddies' and can't wait for breakfast, and then again at school he is running around the playground with other school children, his energy has lasted long and he is healthy. In the 'Nescafe Cappuccino' advert it is about young adults socialising in maybe a coffee house or a caf´┐Ż of some sort. Images of the 'Nescafe Cappuccino' advert: 1. First of all you see the man has just bought a drink and has just sat down to drink his drink. ...read more.


It becomes an excuse to invite someone back to your home. So the flirty advert, which is advertising 'Nescafe Cappuccino', has been made flirty to influence the idea that coffee is a flirtatious drink. Hence the flirty actions with the tongue. With the 'Shreddies' advert the music is light and bubbly this is all to do with the idea of energy, the colours of the advert also do so, bright colours full energy. The voice over begins at scene three and the music is still being played. The voice over is a women speaking about the cereal and all the goodness of it. With the 'Nescafe Cappuccino' advert music is just played throughout the advert no voice over is played. The music is very flirty and catchy and goes well with the flirty actions being performed by the girl. These two adverts I have studied are both different. The only thing that they have in common is that both products being advertised are to be consumed. They are both different because they are both rated at different audiences, and are therefore broadcasted at different times of the day. The 'Nescafe Cappuccino' advert is to be broadcasted around eight o' clock and the 'Shreddies' advert at any other time of day, just not late. ...read more.

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