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Comparison between 'The Sun' and 'The Times'.

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English Comparison between 'The Sun' and 'The Times' There are many media's within Britain and one of those media's is Newspapers. All the newspapers have different audiences but one interesting difference is between 'The Sun' and 'The Times'. This is because they are both published by News Group Newspapers Ltd. I believe that the difference between them is that 'The Sun' is more of a laid back kind of paper for a laid back person. It is the sort of paper to be read during a lunch break while ' The Times' is for a more educated person and need at least an hour to read. Some of the first impression you get from 'The Sun' include the size. Obviously 'The Sun' is smaller than 'The Times'. I think this is because it is easier for people to carry while 'The Times' is the sort of paper someone with a briefcase would buy. This is because they could store the paper in the briefcase when not being used. This also leads to there being less detail on 'The Sun' than there is on 'The Times' This is evidence of how 'The Times' goes into more detail over important articles while 'The Sun' gives a less elaborate article.


article. I believe that the editor chose the union story because it is a political story and as the paper is read by people who have an interest in politics this is an ideal article. While the Alex Stuart article was chosen to make the paper available to a wider audience who love the 'gentleman's game' and also have a political view. They both depict the image of a rich Chief Executive who likes to watch a gentleman's game as of which cricket is known for. While if you look at the Sun's leading article it is about football and Manchester United. This image presents you with a bald hooligan chanting out clever little anthems. So again there is a difference in both wealth and education. Good wealth and education going to The Times and Poor wealth and education to The Sun. With a close analysis you are able to see that within certain areas of the paper you can get a more accurate target audience. One example of this is the headline of both papers. In The Sun the first thing you see is the picture.


This means that they exaggerate stories and blow them out of proportion. To do this the paper uses dramatic words such as stunning, reeling, huge, rocked and metaphoric wizard. But while doing this they still keep the language simple. In The Times they try not to rock the boat by sensationalising stories unless it really is sensational. This is because their readers expect huge amounts of details and don't like reading stuff about pop stars. But they are still able to use complex words and phrases In Conclusion I believe in my first judgement at the very beginning I was correct in believing that 'The Sun' is more of a laid back kind of paper for a laid back person. It is the sort of paper to be read during a lunch break while 'The Times' is for a more educated person By Nishil Rajoriya 10Q 1,123 words The audience of a News Bulletin The audience of Newsround is children aged between 8-16 that don't have to have a good education. I am able to make this judgement due to the sort of news they show. They have news on * Bullying * Drugs * Pop stars * Sports Stars * Movies * And social activities that include children By Nishil Rajoriya

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