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Comparison - In the two articles, "We're not getting married any more" and "Holding the pursestrings", there were numerous presentational devices used. Some of these were found in one article and others were found in the other article.

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An essay on Comparison In the two articles, "We're not getting married any more" and "Holding the pursestrings", there were numerous presentational devices used. Some of these were found in one article and others were found in the other article. Other devices were found in both. The presentational devices included pictures, headings and sub-headings, boxes and bullet points, charts/ tables and diagrams and font types (bold, Italic, size). These presentational devices are used because they make reading more enjoyable and appealing. Presentational devices are used to capture the reader's thoughts and imagination. Pictures are extremely important in an article, they are a good source of evidence. Sometimes the pictures create the feelings and atmosphere of the article. The reason for this is that generally a picture will make the person intrigued and so therefore they will be fascinated to read the article. Pictures make the article more attractive, eye-catching and noticeable. Pictures make an article easier to understand. ...read more.


There is a strong relationship between the heading and the picture. The heading is a group of words which summarise the article, similarly the picture provides to article with evidence. The way the headings are organised affects the reader because if there are no sub headings then the text is not broken down, making the article difficult to read. If the heading is not at the top of the article in the middle then the article becomes less eye catching and so therefore it becomes unnoticeable. The similarities and differences between the two articles in terms of the presentational devices, headings and sub-headings, the article, "We're not getting married any more" has a big, bold heading and many sub-headings whereas the article "Holding the pursestrings", has a big, bold heading but hardly any sub-headings. The main difference between the two article is that one article, due to the fact that it has sub-headings, can easily be read in contrast to the other article which is much more harder to read and understand,as a result of the lack of sub-headings. ...read more.


The size of the heading is larger than the size of the font used in the article. Usually the articles consist of a summary before the start of the article. The font of the summary is usually in the middle of the heading size and article size. Articles use different but not artistic fonts because if italics are used for certain words within the text then the words stand out and more emphasis is put on the words. There are many similarities in the fonts and font sizes between the two articles. These are some of the main resemblances. They both have an extremely bold headings, medium bold summaries and plain article text. Also the both articles use roughly the same size font. In my opinion presentational devices are remarkably effective. If all of these devices are used properly then the article would be a very interesting read. However, if these devices are not used properly the article or piece of writing, can turn out to be a completely disorganised. I think that pictures are most needed as they draw the reader into the author's way of thinking. ...read more.

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