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Comparison of Baygon Adverts Doordarshan

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How does a comparison of the two baygon adverts reveal the differences between the Doordarshan and Star satellite networks? Baygon is a fly spray sold in India. The product is advertised on Doordarshan and Star TV which very different channels. The fly spray is advertised in two different ways. Doordarshan is aimed at a more traditional Indian audience whereas Star TV is aimed at a younger, modern Indian generation. We can see this through the two adverts because of how they have targeted their audiences. The settings of both adverts are very different. The Doordarshan version shows the house as quite tradition and 'natural', with white curtains and dark furniture. This links to the channels target audience which are a lot more traditional. However the Star TV version upholds a more bright and modern house which includes floorboards and glass units. This again links to the channels target audience who are a more modern and classy younger generation. ...read more.


On one hand, the lady in the Doordarshan advert is wearing gold bangles and Indian gold which is very traditional. Her hair is in a low bun which is very neat and respectful. This is again very traditional and highlights the fact the channel is also very traditional. On the other hand, the girl in the Star TV version of the advert has her nose pierced and is wearing costume jewellery which is not as traditional. She is wearing makeup unlike the actress in the Doordarshan advert, and she has her shoulder length hair open. This highlights the target audience as not being as traditional as the target audience of Doordarshan. On the Doordarshan advert the bugs are iconic. They are drawn images which suggests that the older audience don't want to think that they have bugs in their homes. However, the bugs shown on the Star TV version are slightly more realistic because they are fake little beetles. ...read more.


The voice over on the Doordarshan version of the advert is a deep, posh British accent; which shows the British had influence on the Indians. Also the fact that it is a male voice over shows that males were considered to be more dominant. Similarly, the voice over on the Star TV version is a male voice but it is a song and not words. The words of the song 'Baygon power is what she uses'', highlights the female audience. In conclusion, the makers of the adverts have used specific techniques to make each advert appeal to its target audience. Each advert is successful in appealing to its target audience by using a variety of methods including different vocals, different camera angles and also the way the actresses themselves are presented. The adverts show how society changed due to satellite. It shows that Indians went from being traditional and simple to them opening up about things and becoming consumers. ...read more.

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