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Comparison Of Documents - The Final Report

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Comparison Of Documents - The Final Report Comparing My Fax Letter with Three Real Documents My Document Document 1 Document 2 Document 3 STYLE My fax has a bold heading which helps it make look clear to see. I have inserted my logo so everyone knows where it is from. My writing is simple to read, I have kept my quote short and easy to understand. This document isn't presented well. It gets straight to the point and you understand what to do. It has a logo and the text is in bold to grab the reader's attention. This document is well structured. It is set out clearly and very easy to read. This document is set out well but it is slightly harder to understand. There is writing everywhere and it isn't spaced out. ...read more.


It has no double line spacing and the margins are exact. TYPES OF INFO The only types of information in my fax are text and numbers. The types of information used in this document are text and numbers. The types of information used in this document are text and numbers. The types of information used in this document are text and numbers. PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES I have used some bold text but no italics. My text is adjusted to the left whereas the table and chart has been adjusted to the middle. This document contains no header or footer. But they have included a border around the header 'Fax Cover Sheet'. This document has been adjusted in the centre. It includes a header and footer with a logo which has been situated on the top left hand corner. ...read more.


DIFFERENCES The differences are that mine is presented well with enough information whereas the other document doesn't. I have different fonts, text sizes and explain what the receiver should do. The differences are that this has a text box instead of lines. This document doesn't give out much information as my one. My fax is easier to understand whereas the other one has got writing everywhere and doesn't get to the point. IMPROVEMENTS I guess I could adjust the address into a better position. They need to include different fonts with different text sizes. They should use some bold text and not all the way through it. The only improvement they need is different fonts and sizes. They could cut down on the capital letters. Add some bold text (not too much) and have short quotes instead of long ones. They could also print this out landscape as there is too many squashed up writing. Comparison of Document - Fax Letter Azizur Rahman U:\Business Studies\comparisonofdocuments 1 ...read more.

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