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Comparison of Forgetting sarah marshall movie poster for media

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Film posters come in a wide range of styles. Most have appealing pictures or slogans that appeal to a particular audience and some just try to appeal to everyone. They all have something in common. Anchorage and eye catching devices, some even have alliteration. You can find them almost everywhere like cinemas, town centers, on the sides of busses, magazines and on the internet. They are all trying to do one thing, persuade you to spend money on their film. This is the poster from the film Forgetting Sarah Marshal, I am going to describe and analyze what the poster is about etc. The Genre of this film is a comedy as we can tell by the plot line at the top of the page where it ...read more.


The representations of the actors/actresses are meaning to look happy apart from the guy who has been brought back from the centre of the picture to make him not as a higher priority then the other two actors/actresses. He is meant to look sad and angry as the other two characters are hugging each other as to say he has just been dumped. Also the two characters hugging each other have been brought forward so the audience sees them as a higher priority. I got the feeling that the character nearer to the back has been dumped by looking at his face and that he is all wet and also his body language which is just all droopy looking exhausted, also in the centre at the top of ...read more.


have seen either Knocked Up or The 30 Year Old Virgin, you would love this film, it also is written in big bold writing methods and s also quite colorful which makes it stand out. The poster also tells the audience when the release date is in this case "In Cinemas From April 23" which is obviously quite handy for the audience to know! An extra for the film poster is that they have included a web site address which is shown in a smaller font and a different color, which therefore makes it look not that eye catching so it isn't a big priority. The main point of this poster is that it is colorful, includes big bold colorful fonts and has great actors/actresses on the front. ...read more.

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