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Comparison of three adverts

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Media Essay: Comparison of three adverts The word 'Media' is a term for information or messages conveyed by diferent channels (means) to an audience. Examples of media types are music, news, radio etc. A symbol is a picture of something eg: a cross. A denotation is what you actuallly see. A connotation however is the hidden meaning or sub text of a symbol. The anchor ties the picture down, comfirms the 'message' or adds to the idea of something. A stereotype suggests a typical image of people that the audience recognises. Soft focus might imply romance, olden days and femininity. I will be analysing three adverts. The first one will be a citroen advert and the last two will be jeep adverts. Advertising uses special techniques to catch the reader or viewer. The advertiser hopes to persuade the reader to buy their product or products. The first advert, the citroen one uses the smiling face of a man who is looking directly at the camera. The man seems relaxed and happy and as though something good has happened to him. ...read more.


The second jeep advert also has an area which is in focus and a area which is blurred. This time the background is blurred and the car is in focus. The jeep is head on to the camera and this suggests power, strenght and confidence. The jeep looks like it is going fast through the water because of the water splashing everywhere and the detailed droplets in the air. Adverts lay things out well. They use specail techniques to catch our eye and to make us read the adverts. On the first advert they use the effect of 3 new cars on a white background. There is a box under each of the cars with the price and the model of the car. That is the bottom 40%. The are parked, facing the camera head on. This makes the cars look big and strong (exaggerated perspective). The brand names of all these cars are at the bottom of the page. There is a flag pole which shows authority, importance, tradition etc. ...read more.


This is basically saying why buy high heeled, uncomfortable shoes when you can buy a nice comfy car. The slogan and logo in this advert are printed in small writing. This is mainly because they want the car to sell itself because they know it's a good car. In an advert there is a whole load of different devices you could use. In the first advert they used, facts about the car, humour etc. Some of the facts that are used, are things like, what is in the cars; profesional, scientific gadgities like, ABS, trafficmaster etc. This makes the car sound good. The humour that is in this advert is mainly aimed at men. It is bacically a worst case sceneorio but because the deals on the cars are so good it doesn't matter. The second advert uses some different devices like, the camera shot of the car and the humour this time appeals to females instead of males. It looks like a person has just taken a picture of this car from behind a shop window with a shoe in. We can tell this because there is a blurred shoe covering nearly all the page. It basically looks like a snap shot taken really quickly. ...read more.

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