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Comparison of three job recruitment adverts

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Comparison of three job recruitment adverts Advert 1 - Busy clothing This is a very small and basic job recruitment advert. This is because the smaller the advert, the least it costs to advertise it. This would also indicate that the company in question is either a small company or that they are not in a rush for the position to be filled. The company busy clothing has created this advert intending to attract possible candidates to fill the position advertised. Layout The advert is of a landscape orientation and has no margins or boarders. The advert contains no margins so that the little space that is available is used to its full capacity. This is also the reason for the advert not having any boarders. This is because if you have a boarder the typography cannot be placed as close to the edge of the page because the boarder will take fill space. Therefore less text can fit on the advert. There is no white space left available and this is also due to the fact that space is scarce. Structure The structure of the advert is very basic. As there is very little space available on the advert only one paragraph is used. The advert has a sub heading in bold but does not contain any other types of headings. This is because a main heading would take up a whole line to itself and this is not feasible as space is of the essence. ...read more.


The advert contains no sub-headings or no address because these take up valuable space that is not available. The main writing on the advert is in a single paragraph. This is also due to space being limited. Presentation techniques As already mentioned all the information in the advert is centre aligned and centre justified. This is in order to make the advert look balanced and therefore make it look tidier. If an advert is tidy and balanced it then looks more professional giving a good impression of the company making it appear respectable to the reader. This could then give the reader the impression that this company could help them become successful. Both the title and contact telephone number have been formatted to bold so that they stand out. It is important for the title to stand out so that the reader can tell without reader a lot of information what the advert is advertising. The telephone contact number is in bold so that it also stands out. This is important because once the reader finishes reading the main paragraph it stands out to the reader encouraging them to take further action into applying for the job. The font sizes vary throughout the advert. The largest in font size is the title to help it stand out. The main writing in the advert is of around the font sizes 10 and 12. ...read more.


This is because this paragraph leads into the bullet points that follow. The information in the last two paragraphs in centre aligned and centre justified. This is to keep the advert balanced and therefore looks professional. The logo is on the advert for a few reasons. One reason is so that if the reader recognises the logo they can relate the advert to the company without having to read any information on the advert. Another reason is that if the reader sees the advert they can relate the logo to the company in the future. The advert has a watermark covering the whole area. This is a picture relating to the job/s on offer. This is because it both attracts the reader's attention and provides the advert with a background image making use of all the white space available. Purpose The purpose of the advert is to inform the reader what the job is about, what is required and most importantly to make the reader want to apply for the position. This advert does this very well using a variety of techniques. To improve the advert it could contain a more prolific boarder ie a double line boarder, to keep it apart from the other adverts on the page and to make it stand out more than it does already. This would help is stand becuse it would catch the eye of the reader. GNVQ Part 1 Course Unit A Presenting Information Task 1 1 I Scott Shirras Callington Community College 09/05/07 ...read more.

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