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Comparison of two adverts.

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An advert is a big business, which employs large number of people. People use advertising for their different purposes, political parties use advertisement to convince to the public, charities use advertisement to raise fund and the commercial companies use advertisement to sell their products; as an advert informs the audience about the features of the product in the market. The aim of the advert is to raise the public's awareness of the product's existence, so the more and more people would be attracted towards that product and buy that product. There are different sources of advertising a product but normally we see adverts on billboards, newspapers, T-v, radio, internet, magazines, pamphlet, and brochures and on different leaflets. The purpose of advertising of all these is to publicise the product and encourage the audience to buy that product. Mobile phones are one of the most popular products in the market, which have grabbed the attention of the audience especially of teenagers because companies are introducing new models of the mobile phones with the new features that are making the life easier. The companies introduces the mobiles are so elegant and stylish and to make these mobiles stylish and advanced they introduce the new features and uses the best colour and shape to give the effective image. Two mobile phones advertisement, first one is from the Orange Phone and Small Talk Company and the second from the Philips. ...read more.


Motorola V70e has description like "Up to 4 days standby time" "WAP & GPRS Internet access" etc. Advert1 also showing the price plan with many different options, each option suits different people. This price plan is actually informing the audience that company don't have only the expensive offers, but they also have cheaper so it gives the choice to the public to look at the offers and decide which one they can afford. They also present the free extras like "Free software & cable", "Free Personal hand free kit" offering to the public to make eager and excited. "No risk purchases", "14 day money back guarantee", "Free next delivery" all these phrases suggests the reliability, this means that audience are being persuading to trust the company, and buy mobile phones confidentially. The advert2 only talks about the one mobile phone and concentrate on the special and advanced features of the mobile phones as "Down loading WAP pages", "Oversized colour screen with animated icon menu..." etc, all these suggests the superiority and excellence of the mobile phones because some people don't care about the price plan, they only concentrate on the quality of the mobile phones. "Take a closer look at your local stockist" appealing direct on the target audience to buy that mobile. Lay out of the Orange phone company is very effectual and clear; as the top heading of the page is written in the small case to draw the reader attention, the word "latest" suggesting that mobile phones are not just new, they are unique. ...read more.


It realises the audience that these phones are the best in the world. The use of the "14 day money back guarantee", "direct to your door", "secure online shopping direct from our website" are the examples of the claims and promises language to satisfy the reader that there is no any risk purchases. There word "FREE" is an example of the enticing language repeated throughout the advert. It entices the audience by appealing to their practical need for economy. Advertiser used the repetition language throughout the advert like "New" and "Free" that have an effect on the target audience's mind. In the advert 2 advertiser used the sentences like "Downloading the WAP features" to inform the audience about the latest features of the mobile phones. The use of the "Let's make thing better", "Take a closer look" is an example of the superlative language which asking the audience in a friendly mood to buy the phone. "As colourful as you are" is an example of the simile used to increase the morale of the audience to buy the mobile phone. Advertiser in the advert1 trying to convince the audience to buy the mobile phones; having used the superlatives, imperatives, repetition, logo and so on, which effects on the audiences mind and compel them to buy the mobile phone and in the advert2, advertiser used also the logo, caption, slogan to persuade the public to buy the mobile phone which the Philips company is offering. Both advertiser achieve their response, as the audience impresses from the adverts and buy the mobile phones. Media Coursework ...read more.

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