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Comparison of two different alcoholic adverts: Castlemaine XXXX and Boddingtons.

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Comparison of two different alcoholic adverts: (Castlemaine XXXX and Boddingtons) Advertising is the key to selling any product today, and convincing the shopper to buy your product is the way to success. Advertising is available today in many different shapes and forms, for example in newspapers, magazines, and on television. It was not until the 1950's when commercial television started being broadcasted did we see the first television adverts appear advertising cleaning products. Over the years many products have built up an excellent reputation as great products because of the initial impression given by the advert. A product that has made its name from advertising is alcohol. ...read more.


All the characters are stereotypical ranch workers in the outback. They speak with very strong accents and use colloquial terms and language. Everybody is leaning back with a lazy attitude. There are a couple of men stacking a little banged up van full with crates of Castlemaine beer. Then one of the men says, " Something for the shealas shall we?" To which the other man replies, "Yea two bottles of sweet sherry mate!" As soon as the two bottles of 'sweet sherry' are loaded up onto the van, the whole thing collapses and caves in. Both of the men look at each other and say "Looks like we over did it with the sherry!" ...read more.


Her husband, all dressed up in a tuxedo comes up to her and starts smelling her, and then with a real unexpected Manchester accent he says, " By eck luv, you smell gorgeous tonight petal!" and then he take a sip of the beer. Then they both walk out. There is a very strong sexual connotation, and at some points the advert actually makes you wonder if it is advertising beer or a face cream. The Boddingtons advert has a point that says, you could be a 'down to earth' ordinary person, but still have a fabulous lifestyle if you drink Boddingtons. One thing that both of the adverts have in common is that they are both funny and have some good twists in them especially the Boddingtons advert. ...read more.

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